Meet Finnigan, ‘GMA’s’ Pet of the Week

The Bernedoodle with a big heart helps the elderly and kids.
3:55 | 02/21/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Meet Finnigan, ‘GMA’s’ Pet of the Week
We are back with the pet of the week. This morning, we are celebrating a gentle giant. So cute. Finnigan is a big dog with a big heart and connects to different generations with his calm kindness. For Megan slyzynsky and boyfriend teddy, meeting Finnigan for the first time was a blessing they didn't know they needed. I didn't realize how much of a dog person I was until I actually got a dog. About a year ago noticing Finnigan's gentle temperament and affection for people Meghan enrolled him in a therapy dog program passing the test after their first try, now the two make their rounds on weekends visiting with the elderly at a senior center. Some of them haven't seen a pet or an animal in quite some time so to see this fluffy giant come in and greet them, they're just so happy. Reporter: He also takes part in a childhood literacy initiative at a local library. Kids practice reading while Finnigan looks on. It's really a judgment-free zone for the kids because, you know, sometimes they're really shy or they're just afraid to read out loud but having a dog there, it really calms their nerves. Finnigan, come. Reporter: But Finnigan is happiest when he's with his humans, whether with them on trips to the store or snuggling at home. He's a loyal pet on a mission to simply spread joy. Finnigan is truly one of the family. We're so grateful to have him. You guys ready to meet the gentle giant? All right. Finnigan, come on out, my come on down, you guys. Finnigan is here with his human. Hi, guys. Hi, Finnigan. Hi, guys. Good morning. Good morning. Oh, so soft and so beautiful. Thank you. All right, guys, when you see Finnigan working with all the people that he works with, the elderly, children, what goes through your minds? It's very exciting for me to have this opportunity for him to make so many people happy. You know, of all ages, they're just so overjoyed and excited to see him and I love that feeling of making other people happy. The room lights up when he walks in. Everyone gets really excited. He's barking at something. I saw some people light up when he barked at them. I hear he -- I hear Finnigan doesn't do so well with squares. Maybe that's what he saw. He's always trying to get one. I don't know what he would do if he got one. He probably would stand there and freak out but he's constantly trying to climb the trees. I think he thinks he's part Finnigan is not just helping people outside your home. You guys say he's really changed your lives too. Oh, absolutely. I mean we've talked about having a dog for a long time. You know, it's been an amazing experience. Tell us more about his calm He really likes those cameramen over there. He sees the camera. You know -- Maybe a cat on the wall. We want to present Finnigan with his pet of the week award. Come here, buddy. And I got a question. There you go. There you go. Oh. Finnigan was trying to talk to us a little bit earlier but if you could translate what he was saying, what would he say about this award? He's hoping he can eat it. He's wondering if he can eat. I think he wants to try to eat it. I think he's pretty excited about it. I think he's honored to receive this award and obviously wants to eat it but it's honestly a great opportunity for us and we're thrilled that he's receiving this honor so thank you. You're well William. Finnigan, congratulations. Theodore, thank you very much. Megan, thank you so much. I love these stories and, Finnigan, you are my hero. Wow. I want to bark at these guys all the time myself. I can't get away with it.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"The Bernedoodle with a big heart helps the elderly and kids.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69121784","title":"Meet Finnigan, ‘GMA’s’ Pet of the Week","url":"/GMA/Living/video/meet-finnigan-gmas-pet-week-69121784"}