6 reasons why you're not getting a raise

J. T. O'Donnell is the CEO of Work It Daily, a service that provides career coaching.
5:20 | 04/22/21

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Transcript for 6 reasons why you're not getting a raise
The first reason why you may not getting a raise because it just may not have the money. Lot of companies have been through a lot of stress and chaos making ends meet so if you like your employer I urging the united saint Mary as easily right now when these companies get on the other side and point to remember. At least part of them and it also means you have a conversation with your box you any idea and there might come a time when the company and the offering raises again right being respectful and why is asking for recent stressful and difficult. Truthfully it's because it she just sentenced. In particular they don't help us understand what managers need to seen in order for us to underage and also the things that might make them not give us so. The talk about those experts and kicking a framework for how you go in and inquiries with Abbas. The second reason I can honestly not my view is exactly we're not creating an. So are lies return on investment and that means that you receiving or making the company and not money. To justify the cost of getting memories can go to be honest how does it work 5060 hours a week. But they're not doing what's called high K I think activities that would create that value that would justify race so this is why Israel importance down on your manager and make sure that whatever time is spending on the job is really focused on the high camp activities. That could eventually gets you race. They're indicating only that Marines you did something pass that cost just can't. He made him stay created a form a certain level the problem here is that they don't want to give you got money and then only seen sailing so the solutions this is really sit down on your boss and make sure that you're meeting and exceeding expectations and that there was anything in the past that you did that you can overcome it. And you can make sure that they are comfortable that they know that it will never happen again. Fourth reason why this is a hard won here just like you and only to personality. No we're not meant to get I'm it every day. And I'm not going to suggest that you should change your personality or be in how insincere but you do have to finally tell line. So might sit here is really step back and look at your boss and say something about that they do that you admire respect maybe it's certainly Siler. In the about their knowledge level. What we can at least identify something and someone we can tend to build a relationship that is least respectful right that we should be that under the terms what went out there we don't have to let me tell them honest an all time in the world with each other. But he really do need to get to a place where your box feels like you I am an ailing Kia that's gonna help you get the raise because honestly that is it is not right meet occupancy and give raises that most people that they can. What is that they want to believe. And now again this is another one it's hard to hear my. Current players who aren't comfortable putting people on performance at the answer getting critical feedback. And they don't want to deal with unemployment so they'd rather just you leave any amounts that is that you like typical and a comfortable in the job until you decide in the mind. If that's the vibe that you're getting right now that I encourage you to start looking for. The last reason why an active uranium is the flip side which is they know you want to leave. That's right you might think you are amazing at hiding it but if the truth is you're frustrated you don't want to be there anymore it's shelling in some ways to perform why don't need anymore money and promotion they lock the door. So they're pulling it back. Just waiting for the day when you actually resign in which case as the case anyone in line and start looking for that. The point trying to make here folks is that. They are going to be reasons why you're not earning a race and the solution and history have a really constructive conversation. With your boss is that you get to the bottom. So here's suggest that he first start with a little work. Gonna sit down and type list of things that you were hired to do you. And you're firm that you're meeting or exceeding expectations for Alice tasks that in this list of things in taking on in addition to since you've started in the stop what's the additional value that you. And lastly I want to come up with a couple of things you've got to take on if you got a raise and promotion. I sat. Bringing to the meaning Abbas and sit down and say I love working here and I really wanna grow my career here. I would like to earn more money you. So I sat down and put together late believed as how I'm interning value to the company I want in his entire list this is a chance for you have a factual and she active conversation about your performance and it's really important Davis that's because a lot of people take getting arrays are not injuries very personally very emotional. This is business and need to sit down and just talk through this situation. The reason I think this is that when you have this conversation be ready money here's something you weren't ready for life. You know I don't think that you're meeting expectations on these things I don't see these additional things as as valuable and enough to earn a race. What you need to know information. And lets you learn information that two of you can have a healthy conversation about what is going to take to get you on track to earning that reason getting the money wants her. All right you can do this it just takes some planning and some practice again. If you want that money you've got and pass the time and energy into building the relationship and making sure that they know what you're. At a.

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{"duration":"5:20","description":"J. T. O'Donnell is the CEO of Work It Daily, a service that provides career coaching. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77228367","title":"6 reasons why you're not getting a raise ","url":"/GMA/Living/video/reasons-raise-77228367"}