How to score a date on the hottest day for love

July 7 is the busiest day for online dating of the summer, and dating guru Bela Gandhi shares tips on how to maximize your opportunities.
4:49 | 07/02/19

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Transcript for How to score a date on the hottest day for love
love series and this morning it's all about that first date. So according to, the Sunday after the fourth of July, this coming Sunday is the biggest day of the year for online dating and we want to make sure you're all ready to take full advantage. Exactly. The audience is going to participate. Bela Gandhi of the smart dating academy is here with us. Ve us a step-by-step guide to find the perfect match. Good morning. Let's get right to it. So a lot of people are really intimidated by this entire process. You have broken it down into three kind of steps. You call them the three Ps. The three Ps, pick, plan and pursue. First, pick the right match then plan an active date and then pursue your match so you get the second date. Good tips. So here's the thing, you say that people just make the wrong choice when they're doing online dating. What we'll do is get the audience involved and gave them red flags. We've actually created a fake online profile for somebody so let's start out. His name is Jared. Folk, if you notice any red flags raise those red flags to get involved. He says I never imagined I'd have to try online dating but here I am on human Ebay. I'm not looking for anything series. Just getting to know people for the summer. Don't want any drama queens. Any red flags, folks? Unanimous decision. Studio audience. There's so many red flags. Nun one if he says he's not looking for anything serious. You won't change him. He's not looking for anything serious. Anyone says they're not looking for drama queens, guess what, they're the ones that are going to cause you the drama. O. Don't put your flags down we will put you to work. Another profile. Her name is Heather. Be careful of Heather. She says I'm looking for/normal doesn't seem like there are many left. Here's what I'm not looking for, unemployed, don't have your own house or car or lie about anything on your profile especially height. If this sounds like you, pass me if you're normal, message me. If you're normal. Red flags? If you're normal, no, she's okay. I kind of like that. She sounds like she'd be a real hoot to go out with. Super negative, judgmental. You want someone who is positive, fun and people show us who they are on their profile so I would pass this one filled with red flags. Wipe so the right or whichever way, left. Oh, yeah, sorry, go ahead. Say you find a match. You see someone you actually like. How do you move forward? What's the next step. Okay, so then you want to plan an active date. It's summertime now. Instead of going to a wine bar or doing things you always do, go outside and plan an active date because when you're active, you can build adrenaline, you can build dopamine, both I which build attraction. My favorite summer date, grab a cup of coffee or something to drink and go for a walk outside. If you're in New York, go to central park. If you're anywhere, pick a new neighborhood. There's so many things that you can talk about that you're going to see while you're on a walk and when you're actually standing next to each other parallel you tend to have more vulnerable more intimate discussions than if you're staring right into somebody's eyes. Interesting, all right. Super fun, easy date. Doesn't cost a lot of money. Great advice. Good to know. Also, we can't forget those of us already in relationships. Anybody married in the audience you're not supposed to raise the red flag for the marriage. That's a different problem. For those of us in relationships, I'm married going on 12 years. Cecilia has been married for a kids at home. The summer is a good time to refresh. What are some good tips for date night. So one of the best things you can do is instill the practice of what I call a ten-second hug. So much of our physical chemistry especially for women is sparked by emotional chemistry so when you go in for that ten second hug it sounds like an eternity but what happens you kind of melt into each other. You build oxytocin. It's the attachment hormone. Ginger and I did one this morning, we were bonded for life so ten-second hugs are great. Just you've seen relationships work from online dating, right? I assume this works for a lot of people. Tons. Otherwise we wouldn't be talking about it. I started my company ten years ago. Woo I've had thousands of success stories with online dating and the data says one in three marriages take place because of online dating. So there you go. You heard it here, guys. Got to watch out for the red flags. Yeah, watch out for the red flags. Tune in tomorrow for day two of "Gma's" summer of love. Jest Mulroney is ambushing brides to give them the look of their dreams.

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"July 7 is the busiest day for online dating of the summer, and dating guru Bela Gandhi shares tips on how to maximize your opportunities.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64080672","title":"How to score a date on the hottest day for love","url":"/GMA/Living/video/score-date-hottest-day-love-64080672"}