Taking a leap to pursue your dream job

“Shark Tank’s” Rohan Oza helps one woman take an incredible leap of faith, leaving her traditional job behind to follow her dream.
5:58 | 02/27/20

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Transcript for Taking a leap to pursue your dream job
What they've been leaping into is bold change and we're looking at how to pursue your dream job. On average 20% of new businesses fail in year one so we met up with a woman who is on a mission to succeed taking an incredible leap of faith leaving her job to follow her dream. Let's work. Two, back. Reporter: This is fitness fueled by passion. Brianna's idea sparked off the fitness enthusiast recognized a gap in the industry. I started to notice, okay, I am one of very few people of color in this room or I am the only black woman in this room. There were so many things that when I think of health and wellness it just didn't fit for me. Reporter: So in 2016, she launched spiked spin while balancing her career in digital advertising. Realistically I'm giving 50% to everything. Even though I'm saying I want to give pie best it can't be because I'm so divided. Reporter: To give it 100%, Brianna took a giant leap of faith leaving her corporate career behind. To put it all on the line for her dream. It's like taking me so far out of my comfort zone and just praying that the mission is Reporter: To guide Brianna on her next steps -- Spiked spin. Reporter: Meet "Shark tank's" Rohan Oza. That means do your thing. When I meet smart entrepreneurs I always want to know why is it different? A fresh approach is the key. Reporter: Helping Brianna to define her mission and focus on growing her community. I want multiple locations around the nation. Before you go global, you better succeed local. Reporter: And her new teacher putting Brianna to the test. How many bikes do you have. 17. How many people do you need in the class for you to break even? 13. How many people would you like to ride a month for you to be happy? 15 times 5, a lot. Before you go global you must succeed local. I love that. Joined by Brianna and "Shark tank's" Rohan Oza. How is it going? It's literally the best experience ever. I'm learning so much. I'm growing so much and I'm really feeling how bold I am. Boldness, I love that. You got to do that. She brings great energy. Her energy is -- That's key. You did say that there are three keys when you're starting to turn an idea into success. What are they? We're assuming she has a great idea. I think she does. I think the first thing is branding. In this day and age, called the social media A.D.D. Era. If your package doesn't bounce off shelves whether it's a beverage, a snack or a spinning studio, I got to feel the vibe. All right, so the branding has to bounce out at me. Branding. Second one, community. Community. What's that about. It's always been important but thousand with the advent of social media and everyone is an influencer, community is where you build it. She said the other day she wants 10,000 riders so she can hustle and find 10,000, all good or you find 1,000 and one in nine Americans -- one in ten Americans plus the other nine find those influencers, let them do the work for you. Now, when are we going to get to the money? When are we going to get to the -- you got to have a little back sng why is it all about the No, but the funding is so key. Very true and people go sideways on funding. Two things in funding. Brianna did it right. The first funding is friends and family because if your mom doesn't believe in you, no one is going to believe in you, right. So get friends and family. Once you've got momentum, then you switch gears and go get real professional money and at that point you need to pick the right amount. Don't go too cheap and raise too little but also get the right valuation. It's got to be fair for both go too high you're trying to chase a moving target and if you go too low you dilute yourself. Pick the right number in between. How have you been able to get past -- many people have it, that fear. I think it's having a plan, understanding my larger mission which is to really infiltrate these communities of color that don't have as much access, that don't have as much education and knowing this is really a need. It just drives me every day to keep going. I'm proud of you. I'm proud you joined us. Bottom line, bottom line, if somebody is starting a business like Brianna, bottom line, what is your encouragement to them. I think the big thing is what I don't like is I don't like the butter on toast strategy. Don't spread yourself too win. Go win in one market. I don't care what the product is, one of the brands is kombucha. But they started in New York and L.A. And that's it. They won there. I told her to go win in that one market. I prefer a million dollars in sales in Chicago versus a million dollars nationwide and then you go from there. You got that. Yes. I've been taking notes. By the way I drink kombucha every morning on the set. That's what's in -- I'm sending you a pallet, back up your green room. I didn't know you were going to say that. Tune in to my Facebook live after the show to learn more of these great tips and hear what's next on Brianna's journey, plus, join the conversation on taking your own leap on all of our social accounts. Let's do it. It's leap year.

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{"duration":"5:58","description":"“Shark Tank’s” Rohan Oza helps one woman take an incredible leap of faith, leaving her traditional job behind to follow her dream.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69252484","title":"Taking a leap to pursue your dream job","url":"/GMA/Living/video/taking-leap-pursue-dream-job-69252484"}