An unexpected reunion after 33 years

David Caldwell reunites with the NICU nurse who took care of him after he was born prematurely in a NJ hospital 33 years ago.
1:49 | 02/23/20

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Transcript for An unexpected reunion after 33 years
Now a heartwarming story first on "Gma" when a man's son was born prematurely. He got some comfort after stumbling on an old and unexpected friend at the neonatal intensive care unit. Reporter: It's an unexpected reunion 33 years in the making. Meet Zane Caldwell born ten weeks premature at this new Jersey hospital. Caring for him in the neonatal unit is nurse Lisa Mcgowan. Amazingly she cared for Zane's father, David in the NICU. I feel like I was put in the right place at the right time. Reporter: Baby Zane's mother discovered the connection. My fiancee, she basically -- I brought my baby book home and she was going through it and basically saw the picture, saw the resemblance and was, like, oh my gosh. Reporter: The family believes this wild coincidence may have been heaven-sent since David's mother passed away. It makes me feel like my mom is watching over us, and basically watching over her grandson and sending this angel on Earth to basically watch over her -- watch over her grandson like she watched over me 33 years ago. It's a scary world being in the NICU, and, you know, if this has brought them some comfort, especially having the connection, it's been -- it's been wonderful. Reporter: This unmistakable bond is something these two families will never forget. It's hard enough leaving him here ery day going to work, coming back. We can rest assured he's okay knowing this team is phenomenal. And just so you know, baby Zane, he's doing great and gaining weight. It's crazy to look at the difference. The dad is such a big man, and the baby is so small. Amazing. He described her as an angel on Earth looking over the family. It's incredible. Thank you, Eva for that.

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{"duration":"1:49","description":"David Caldwell reunites with the NICU nurse who took care of him after he was born prematurely in a NJ hospital 33 years ago.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69158426","title":"An unexpected reunion after 33 years","url":"/GMA/Living/video/unexpected-reunion-33-years-69158426"}