Marriage Makeover: Reigniting the Romance

Millions of married parents have difficulty when trying to fit a little romance into their lives.

Maria and Ugo Crispino are one of those couples. The Crispinos have three children and work completely different shifts.

As part of Good Morning America's special Monday Morning Makeover, the Crispinos gave themselves up to GMA in an effort to discover how they might make room for romance again.

"I used to be known as Maria but now I'm known as mom or "hey, can you drive me" or "hey, pick up so and so," said Maria Crispino, who is studying to become a nurse while taking care of her three children.

"My hours consist of studying and helping the kids," she said. If I'm not wearing jeans, I'm lounging in my sweatpants."

Meanwhile, Maria's husband of 14 years, Ugo, probably doesn't notice whether Maria chose jeans or sweats for the day.

"At 11 o'clock, when I get home from the hospital, he gets up. He's gone, he comes home, and I'm gone," Maria said.

So GMA decided to give Maria a much-needed beauty break and a little help putting the romance back in her marriage.

First on the list: Convert Maria from jean queen to hot mom, with the help of Marie Claire fashion director Tracy Taylor.

Then it was on to a new color and cut, with celebrity stylist Stephen Knoll.

After the new hairdo came the finishing touches from Benefit cosmetics makeup artist Kelli Redlin. She took Maria's face from day to night with smokey eye shadows.

Finally, Maria was ready for her magic moment — a romantic dinner with Ugo at New York City's Cafe Boulud.

"Wow. You look amazing," Hugo said when Maria showed up for their big date.

While the Crispinos were out on their big date, decorator Katie Brown, author of Katie Brown Entertains, joined the GMA team to complete the makeover with a new bedroom design.

While Maria was surprised about the new bedroom, her husband had been in on the plan.

In the end, she loved her new look and her new bedroom, which was designed with romance in mind.