2020 hopefuls united in their criticism of Trump's attacks on 4 congresswomen

The Democratic candidates, however, show sharp divisions on the health care issue.
5:31 | 07/21/19

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Transcript for 2020 hopefuls united in their criticism of Trump's attacks on 4 congresswomen
Dan, on the campaign trail, democratic hopefuls united in their criticism on president's attacks on four congresswoman. Rachel Scott is in Iowa where several candidates are courting votes from an organization. With tens of millions of members across the country. Rachel, good morning. Reporter: Good morning, whit. The democratic candidates are here in Iowa to pitch their health care proposals. But in the fight to beat president trump, it's the issue of race taking center stage. On the campaign trail this weekend, concern over the health of the nation. These are hard times for the country. We saw this, again, over the past few days. Donald Trump's viciousness, his bullying, his utter disregard for people's lives is literally tearing the soul out of who we are. It is time to turn the page and write the next chapter in our collective history. Reporter: After tweets from the president suggesting that four minority American congresswomen go back to where they came from, turned into chants of support at the president's latest rally. The president now distancing himself from those chants. Tweeting, as you can see, I did nothing to lead people on, nor was I particularly happy with their chant. The candidates united in their rebuke of the president. We have a president of the United States who's a bigot, who thinks he's going to win re-election by dividing people up based on the color of their skin or where they were born. Reporter: Resurfacing memories of a time that many Americans thought was behind them. Treating racial inequality not only as a specialty issue as an issue to be talked about with audience of color only but quite frankly white Americans need to take more seriously. And Rachel Scott is now back with us from Des Moines. As you noted in your story, Democrats are making race a key issue on the campaign trail, but they're not only condemning president trump's actions and remarks they're also trying to counter them? Exactly, for the Democrats, proposals to countering racial techx in this country are proving to just as important as legacy issues like health care. The Biden campaign is out with a fresh video this morning highlighting the president's response to those chants and mayor Pete buttigieg has released a proposal to tackle racial inequality in this country. Whit. Rachel Scott in Iowa, thanks so much. Dan, over to you. Let's bring in our chief anchor George Stephanopoulos hosting "This week" later this morning. Good morning. Good morning. Clearly Democrats see race as a potent issue in the era of trump, it's also possibly cancelling out that many in the trump base are also fired up with these send her home comments in a way that supports trump. Why we're seeing mixed signals from trump on this issue. The president is following a pretty familiar playbook right here. It's pretty astonishing that a president is playing racial politics in such an explicit way with those calls for them to go back, even they're all four American citizens. I think this president has this instinct that playing racial politics does help him, does mobilize his base. We saw how excited they got in North Carolina on Thursday night, maybe a little too excited. The president even though he seemed to enjoy those comments in a moment was sort of forced to pull back on that Friday that he wasn't happy with the comments, but president shift gears again and said he's calling these people incredible patriots. The president doesn't want to disavow those comments, does anything that separates himself from his base. One of the questions going forward is how everyone else in political world respond. Is there a similarity here between how he handle this and how he handled charlottesville? Very similar. When it got too hot, he pulled back. Even as he's recalibrating, he didn't disavow those statements. I don't think it's clear how it's going to play out in the election. Let me talk about a big story coming out this week, Robert Mueller is going before congress, how impactful do you think Mueller's testimony is likely to be, even though he came out and said, I'm not going to say anything outside the four corners of my report. Only 3% of Americans are aware of what's inside the Mueller report. What difference will it make to see Robert Mueller explaining what's in the report or maybe even reading portions of the report. That's one thing Democrats would like to see him do on Wednesday. Right now, you have about 90 Democrats for impeachment. I bet that number is likely to go up after the testimony on Wednesday. Whether it's enough to get impeachment proceedings started, that's an open question. For the first time Americans will be able to hear Robert Mueller give conclusions himself. That will make a difference. George, thank you very much. Thank you. Appreciate it. As always, George has a big show this morning. He'll go one-on-one with house oversight committee chair Elijah Cummings and 2020 candidate governor Steve bullock joins "This week" and the powerhouse roundtable. All coming up on "This week" right here on ABC. Thanks, again.

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{"duration":"5:31","description":"The Democratic candidates, however, show sharp divisions on the health care issue.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64467539","title":"2020 hopefuls united in their criticism of Trump's attacks on 4 congresswomen","url":"/GMA/News/video/2020-hopefuls-united-criticism-trumps-attacks-congresswomen-64467539"}