Biden on how he's different from Obama, 2020 contenders

Former Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, spoke to "GMA" Co-anchor Robin Roberts about how his campaign is different and his message to Donald Trump supporters.
4:31 | 04/30/19

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Transcript for Biden on how he's different from Obama, 2020 contenders
Year back for more of robin's exclusive interview with Joe and Jill Biden. He's joining a crowded field and asked why he decided to run again for the third time. You are the 20th Democrat to announce for president. What different enshats you from the other 19? I'm running for three basic reasons. One, I talked a little about to restore the soul of America, the decency we represent, the honor, the integrity of this country and, secondly, I'm going to talk here today about restoring the backbone of America which is the working class, the middle class and this time we're going to bring everybody along. Thirdly, the reason I'm running we have to unite the country and that's what we're going to be talking a lot about. We can't stay fractured. If I could jump in here, the one thing I think that does differentiate you is his experience. I mean, he doesn't need any on the job training. He jumps right in. He's been vice president. So from day one, Joe can take everything. You also have referred to yourself as an obama/biden Democrat. People look at that and say, are you running for a third Obama term? How would your presidency be substantially different. I'm really proud of serving with Barack, with the president. But it's a new time, new day and moving on. Finishing the job for equality for women and in terms of what we're going to do about the environment, make bold, new steps forward. What would you say to the trump voter, the trump supporter who looks at the economy and sees very strong numbers? Here in Pennsylvania where the unemployment is at a record low of 3.9%. Well, what I'd say is did you get any benefit from the tax cut? Have your wages really gone up? Do your employers treat you with any more respect and dignity than they did before? What's the story? Ask these folks. Ask the folks in this state. I know this state pretty well and the fact of the matter is they're not getting their fair share. The American people, the people who built this country are ordinary Americans who have done extraordinary things from neighborhoods like we come from and this president does not show a great deal of respect and he continues to divide the country. For example, ask him how hard it is to get their kid to college. Six in ten jobs require a high school degree. Ask him how easy it is to afford it. Why do we give a tax break to Wall Street but we don't give a tax break for -- significant tax break for day care or for child care? Why don't we do that? Hard to get the message across when people look at their bottom line and it's better than it was two, four years ago. But the bottom line for the vast majority of working class and middle class people is not significantly better. It's not significantly better. And, they know they're not being treated very well. This is about restoring the dignity, the dignity of work and it's not happening right now. The Mueller report, what was your initial reaction to the findings? One, there was Russian interference without any question, Russian interference, number one. Number two, there are elements of the report in the second fade of the report about accept or eight things that are left undone. He was not within his pursue to investigate. The congress is attempting to take that up and what the congress should do and they are doing is investigate that and if, in fact, they block the investigation, they have no alternative but to go to the only other resort they have which is impeachment but my job in the meantime, is make sure he's not back as president of the United States of America. Donald Trump is very confidant that should you win the nomination he can beat you easily. Are you as confident you can win the nomination and defeat him. Whether or not I win the nomination is going to depend on the Democrats and whether I beat Donald Trump is going to depend on the American people. As I said everyone knows who Donald Trump is. I'm confident. His wife jumping in like that but it's interesting his take on the economy because people look at it at face value and were there in Pennsylvania. The unemployment rate is at an all five low but heard his response. The campaign is going to turn on whether the Democrats can make that case or whether president trump can effectively run on the economic record. And we'll hear from his wife too. And have much more on "Nightline" with the interview.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"Former Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, spoke to \"GMA\" Co-anchor Robin Roberts about how his campaign is different and his message to Donald Trump supporters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62722607","title":"Biden on how he's different from Obama, 2020 contenders","url":"/GMA/News/video/biden-obama-2020-contenders-62722607"}