Biden, Putin to face off in high-stakes summit in Geneva

ABC News' David Muir reports on the U.S.-Russia leaders' summit, which comes at a "low point" in the two countries' relationship.
2:45 | 06/16/21

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Transcript for Biden, Putin to face off in high-stakes summit in Geneva
It is a very busy Wednesday morning it certainly as we want to get right to that high stakes summit between president Biden and Russian president Vladimir Putin happening now. You're looking at Lake Geneva where the meeting is taking place letting their food landing in Geneva a short while ago and president Biden arriving on Tuesday. Did it face to face between the two we are taking place or that eighteenth century Czech told there are meeting. Who rob and expected to last some 45 hours. But as they come face to face again may agree on at least one thing relations between the US and Russia. At their lowest point in years world news tonight anchor David Muir is anchoring our coverage there in Geneva good morning to. But a good morning great to be review from Geneva this morning for this historic high stakes meeting now under way not far from where I am. At that public park. Only secure a lot of security here in Geneva of course for this summit these were the images from just a short time ago President Putin arriving at Villa. Dillon bronze in the public park here Darius with the Swiss president. You can hear the international reporters asking questions of course the leaders not expected to answer these questions and they didn't but they did give. The customary handshake before heading in the short time later. President Biden arriving in the motorcade in fact we saw his motorcade travel but right behind me here at the edge of Lake Geneva. The president also not taking those questions from the complicated that the simple you heard them ask how are you feeling. Instead that handshake the smile. They then went and doors met briefly with President Putin and then came out. For that international photo op legacy. President Vladimir Putin. And president Biden separated only by the president of Switzerland but that was only for short moment before we then saw both of these leaders. Shake hands and begin what will be you know very tense I'm sure at times and complicated summit. Now here's what we know about the summit it will play out in two meetings the first one will be somewhat smaller. In fact these are the pictures from the beginning of that meeting you can read a lot in the body language you can see president Biden looking fairly comfortable here he said. That he was very prepared for this is he ready he said I am. Always ready of course he's had decades on the world stage and foreign relations committee and then as vice president. President Biden. A sitting with the President Putin as that summit begins and the first meeting they brought one person would then each secretary Antony Lincoln there on the left of your screen. And his Russian counterpart joining Vladimir Putin be interpreter is of course also in the room as the summit. It's now under way right here in Geneva will continue to follow it and report back to you for elephants and Apache Robin in New York.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"ABC News' David Muir reports on the U.S.-Russia leaders' summit, which comes at a \"low point\" in the two countries' relationship.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78309629","title":"Biden, Putin to face off in high-stakes summit in Geneva","url":"/GMA/News/video/biden-putin-face-off-high-stakes-summit-geneva-78309629"}