CDC: More than 30 million Americans have received a vaccine dose

Health officials are still concerned that Super Bowl weekend will bring an increase in positive cases if social distancing guidelines are not followed.
5:43 | 02/07/21

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Transcript for CDC: More than 30 million Americans have received a vaccine dose
Dan, to the pandemic now, and concerns super bowl Sunday could become a superspreader. The U.S. Reporting nearly 27 million covid cases, more than 462,000 deaths. There are some hopeful signs. Hospitalizations down for 25 consecutive days, and 9% of the U.S. Population has received at least one vaccine shot so far. ABC's Trevor Ault is joining us live with the latest. Trevor, good morning to you. Reporter: Good morning, whit. There are reasons to be optimistic about the direction we're heading in this pandemic. Just here in New York, the positivity rate has fallen back to 4.5% for the first time in two months, but this is a heated and contentious fight, and health experts are worried we could easily undo this progress we've made. This morning, the vaccine rollout slowly gaining momentum. A quick poke. Relax your shoulders please. Reporter: The CDC reporting more than 30 million Americans have received at least one dose and about 2% of the country has received both shots. Just thrilled to death. I couldn't believe it. I just -- I feel so blessed. Reporter: Now most parts of the country are seeing positive coronavirus trends, though experts say it's too early to tell if vaccines are having an impact nationwide, and health officials are concerned tonight's super bowl could provide an explosion of cases so Americans throughout the country don't follow social distancing guidelines. In California, 100 students and staff at a county school district ordered to quarantine two days after restarting in-person learning. I voted to, you know, be able to come back and teach in person, but now I feel that our priority is for everyone to be healthy. Reporter: And the debate to bring students back to the classroom has become a national flash point. In Chicago, home of the country's third largest school district, the mayor and the teacher's union have been able to reach an agreement on a plan. We must reach a deal for the sake and sanity of our students, parents, teachers and the hardworking employees in Chicago public schools. Reporter: And the uncertainty of the pandemic is weighing heavily on America's mothers. "The New York Times" reporting almost a million of them have left the work force. Dakeda brown is working while raising her two daughters, one of which has autism. She says she hasn't been able to rest for almost a year. I'm now her teacher, her speech therapist, I'm everything to her, and it's been really difficult. Reporter: As we open up more vaccination sites nationwide, there's concerns we're losing some of our most prominent testing facilities. The president wants to manufacture nor doses and millions of to covid-19 tests that can be administered at home. Thank you. Joining us is the director of the vaccine education center at children's hospital of Philadelphia. Thanks so much for being with us this morning. Thank you. So you were on the fda advisory panel that worked to authorize the pfizer and modern vaccines for emergency use. Johnson & Johnson has applied for emergency use. What will you be looking for when it comes to this one-shot vaccine, and do you expect it will be authorized? Well, we will receive roughly an 80 to 100-page document from the company which will detail all the details of their trials and we'll receive another 100-page document from the fda that will look at those cases of 40,000 plus participants in that trial. We want to make sure there's nothing about this vaccine that suggests it might be unsafe, and we look for efficacy to make sure it is effective and effective in all groups, and in all age groups and racial and ethnic backgrounds, with comorbidities, and then we recommend to the fda that they approve this product for emergency authorization, even though it is this sort of unusual use of authorization. We really hold it to the same standard with any vaccine which is, would we take it ourselves? Would we give it to our family? If the answer is yes, we would recommend it for other people. Let's talk about the sate of the pandemic in our country. Hospitalizations are down in 30 states and it looks like we're past that post-holiday peak. Looking at the number we're seeing now, are we nearing the end of all of this? Do you feel positive about where we are in the country right now? Yes. I think I worry about the super bowl because I think we didn't listen to public health officials with regarding Thanksgiving or Christmas, and we saw a bump and I fear we're going to see a bump now because people are compelled to gather in groups without masks or social distance. I think all in all, things are definitely getting better. We have two excellent vaccines that are out there. We have more than 30 million people that have received at least one dose, although that's not enough. You need the two-dose vaccine. That's a start. We have more than 2% of the population that's gotten both doses, and we say that 26 million or 27 million people have been infected in this country. Those are just people who were tested and found to be infected. If you look at antibody surveillance studies which is a better way to see how many people have been really infected, it's probably three times that. It's probably closer to 75 million or 80 million people. Now you're talking about more than 20% of the population that is immune, and the weather is getting warmer and you have an administration that is dedicated to the science. I think we're on our way to getting on top of this virus. Getting closer and closer to that herd immunity. We will leave you with that positive thought this morning. Dr. Offit, thank you so much.

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{"duration":"5:43","description":"Health officials are still concerned that Super Bowl weekend will bring an increase in positive cases if social distancing guidelines are not followed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75738332","title":"CDC: More than 30 million Americans have received a vaccine dose","url":"/GMA/News/video/cdc-30-million-americans-received-vaccine-dose-75738332"}