COVID-19 concerns for beachgoers this holiday weekend

Gov. John Carney joins “GMA” to discuss the actions Delaware is taking to prevent the coronavirus spread.
3:58 | 07/03/20

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Transcript for COVID-19 concerns for beachgoers this holiday weekend
As we approach the holiday weekend and families travel to the beach, concern is growing about the coronavirus spreading. Delaware has seen multiple cases linked to their beaches and governor John carney is joining us with the actions his state is taking. Governor, thank you so much for joining us. We mentioned there that increase in cases in your state that you're experiencing now. How concerned are you as we go into the holiday weekend? So the fourth of July weekend is a big holiday here in Delaware as it is across the country. Normally we have big parades across the state, the fireworks celebrations and, of course, people flock to the beaches and so we expect that. We're welcoming visitors but asking them to be safe. We've closed down the bars because we have had a little bit of an outbreak there in the young adult demographic at the beach areas and so we're asking people to be careful to wear masks, to social distance on the beach. But have fun and enjoy the outdoors in particular but no large gatherings. Enjoy a barbecue with your family. Lots of messaging like that and encouraging folks to wear masks while in public. Governor carney, we know some cities have actually closed their beaches. Your beaches are open. As you mentioned, though, the bars are closed. You signed a declaration basically shutting down the bars. You've already delayed phase three re-opening indefinitely. Do you anticipate perhaps bringing back even more restrictions in the future? So, we've made great progress over the last four months from the first cases in early March. We really have, delawarens have made great sacrifices and we flattened that curve and saw the peak and decline after that. We're down five times the peak in hospitalizations. We are seeing this really localized uptick in the beach communities among that younger demographic and so we're going to hold here in phase 2, limited capacity in restaurants and other facilities like that and wait to see what the data shows. We're doing thousands more test than we did back in April at the peak and we'll manage this situation by testing, testing, testing, tracing down contacts that those folks made and making sure they're isolating and protecting themselves and their neighbors. But, governor, we've seen some of the challenges with the tracing and as people move across the country and the different spikes are happening we're seeing people bring the virus from one area to another. Several states in the northeast are requiring visitors from outside the region to actually self-quarantine. What are you doing to prevent people from bringing the virus to Delaware and is that something you might consider as Yes, so we had an out-of-state quarantine. We were one of the first to have one early on back in March and April and mainly to keep folks from coming from areas in the mid-atlantic area of Pennsylvania, Maryland, new York, Connecticut where they had really high numbers of positive cases. Now those high cases, states with high number of cases are more remote from Delaware. We don't have an out-of-state quarantine but we are encouraging any visitors that we have and we still are welcoming visitors to make sure they follow the rules in territories of mask wearing and in terms of social distancing. Some of the local -- we've got a great partnership with the mayors and the business community in our state. They're really leaning into messaging into their establishments on the boardwalks in the beach communities, at least two of the mayors have stricter requirements for mask wearing and that's a very good thing. We've seen some of the Stricker requirements along the beaches. Governor carney, thank you very much for your time. Hope you have a safe and happy holiday weekend. We appreciate it. Happy Independence day to you as well.

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"Gov. John Carney joins “GMA” to discuss the actions Delaware is taking to prevent the coronavirus spread.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71594012","title":"COVID-19 concerns for beachgoers this holiday weekend","url":"/GMA/News/video/covid-19-concerns-beachgoers-holiday-weekend-71594012"}