COVID-19 hospitalizations reach all-time high in US

Medical professionals across the country are again struggling to find PPE as 41 states have also reported a rise in COVID-19 cases.
3:16 | 07/16/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for COVID-19 hospitalizations reach all-time high in US
Texas hit a high and Marcus Moore starts us off from Dallas. Good morning, Marcus. Reporter: George, good morning. We are back outside one of those drive-up testing sites where you can see people are already evened up to get tested for covid-19 as hospitalizations rise. This morning covid hospitalizations nearing their all-time high with more than 56,000 patients currently hospitalized as cases rise in 41 states. 25 states, half the U.S., reporting an increase in daily fatalities. Icus filling across the south. Here in Texas with another new record of nearly 11,000 new cases, refrigerated trucks lining up in San Antonio as morgues fill up. It's a hard thing to talk about, people's loved ones are dying but in the hospital there are only so many places to put bodies of the loved ones and we're out of space. Reporter: Inside university of Mississippi medical center in Jackson, doctors at their breaking point. They come in and get sick and may live, may not. Reporter: L.A. County having its highest number of covid-19 hospitalizations ever. Our team was on the front lines at nearby palm desert. They come in faster than we're able to discharge and unfortunately these patients turn very quickly. Reporter: First responders rushing a patient to a hospital and when they get there, only three icu beds left. If we exceed capacity, something has to give and really then the quality starts to suffer. And that breaking point is close. It is very close. Reporter: Medical professionals across the country yet again struggling to find ppe. Some saying hospitals are rationing gear and forcing many to reuse old masks and gown. In a country that's this rich with resources, it seems criminal that nurses and health care workers are having to make due with cobbled together noncertified safe equipment. Reporter: In Oklahoma which also saw another record-breaking day in cases, governor Kevin Stitt revealing he has tested positive. I got tested yesterday for covid-19, and the results came back positive. So I feel fine. Reporter: Governor Stitt had pushed early to re-open his state seen attending the president's rally nearly four weeks ago without a mask. I'm just hesitant to mandate something I think is problematic to enforce. Reporter: But the state of Alabama issuing a new order requiring them. Violators could face a fine of $500, even jail time. In Georgia, governor Brian Kemp banning all city and county orders that require masks in public places. This as Dr. Anthony Fauci, who still serves on the president's covid task force is calling for recent attacks against him from various members of the white house to end calling them bizarre. It distracts from what I would hope would be the common effort of getting this thing under control rather than this back and forth distraction which just doesn't make any sense. Reporter: In trying to get things under control health officials in various parts of the country urging people to wear those masks as covid-19 keeps its firm grip on so much of the country. Michael. Masks so important. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"Medical professionals across the country are again struggling to find PPE as 41 states have also reported a rise in COVID-19 cases.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71815182","title":"COVID-19 hospitalizations reach all-time high in US","url":"/GMA/News/video/covid-19-hospitalizations-reach-time-high-us-71815182"}