7 dead as Florence wreaks havoc on East Coast

The monster storm, which has devastated the Carolinas with nearly 2 feet of rain in some areas, is far from over.
6:25 | 09/15/18

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Transcript for 7 dead as Florence wreaks havoc on East Coast
If breaking news its tropical storm Florence on a crew rule crawl through the Carolinas setting up shop. And dumping historic amounts of rain and dramatic images coming in over art look at all the way there the water that is building up and golds bro North Carolina of the winds from Florence sorting that die down this morning but the flooding emergency still growing across the region and right now Florence is very slowly moving over the Carolinas does drenching north and South Carolina as those floodwaters keep rising across the region. Here's what we know right now at least seven people have been killed in this storm including a mother and hurt in fans. Who died sadly when a massive tree crashed on to their home and those storm force winds also wreaking Havoc on power lines across the region nearly a million customers without power. In the Carolinas this morning and Barnes is already dumped nearly two feet of rain in some areas and near record with much more on the way we're covering every angle this morning are extreme weather team spread out all over this storm zone. And we begin with and ginger was right there and Wilmington, North Carolina ginger. Justified five point on this Florence may be a tropical storm right now but the danger is far from over. That is far from mom or Dan because of this. It's still raining Tony four hours after landfall the storm is only 100 miles from where it began that is. Really slow movement and people here waking up not just without power. But we damage like this I mean this giant tree is one of three on this street alone in the historic district of Wilmington. We are you can't get to the damage because it's too dangerous yet we're a flash flood emergency we are one of seven counties not taken the maps to show you exactly what's happening here. Those feeder bands those tropical heat of moisture bands that are kind of feeding a round the tropical storm. Won't stock. And they are barely moving so let's put on a flash flood warnings just so people understand how far west the watch is go ash fell in Spartanburg. All the way up into western Virginia have to watch out because with the slow crawl it'll eventually get ceiling is gonna have playing in moisture yet to go. So let's put on what we call the hurts a short term model. As of twelve hours it looks like even move that was not a static image that was actually twelve hours from now they'll go through tonight and this is being most important graphic you'll see all morning additional rainfall there's already Ben. Nearly 24 inches of rain reported a just northeast of where outstanding they could see close to another flood. Really close to here even back to Fayetteville again six to ten inches there. And then eventually this thing will move and go into western South Carolina and by the end of the weekend the start of the week it'll make its track up it'll get kicked out. Of the northeast by Tuesday but before we do that. I have to tell you I think we're gonna end up having. These wettest tropical storm or tropical system that the state of North Carolina has ever happened. We're about a quarter inch of way from breaking that record right now. I'll thank you so much ginger stay safe out there and as we've seen with ginger the devastation covering miles and miles of North Carolina from. Toppled trees to submerged street. At ABC's Amy robot is also in Wilmington with more on the damage and the rescues Amy good morning. Hey good morning to you wit and yes the devastation is everywhere you look you can see behind me this used to be a gas station. We got out and about as soon as the winds subsided and everywhere we look we saw a downed trees. Flooded streets and still we have. Flooding going on all around us we also saw homes destroyed rescue his as you might imagine were out for the past 24 hours trying to save as many people as possible. And fortunately in one case. They need a devastating discovery. Overnight a massive rescue operation under wait to find those still who may be trapped along the Carolina coast. Never seen this kind of damages. As for breaking rains continued to take aim at North Carolina. Flash flood emergencies remain in effect with another ten inches of rain possible this morning record rainfall expected to bring catastrophic flooding. Ricky water rescues by heroes great and he elements. Hundreds rescued from rushing waters hundreds still feared this morning to be trapped in their home. Rescue is going door to door this morning new images of the devastation threes littering the roads dropped on top of home after home. Numerous cars crushed beneath three. And this new video capturing the moment saturated found its way sending this enormous tree falling. This car dealership having part of its roof ripped off crushing an entire row of cars Lawrence came ashore as a category one. Turning deadly as the monster storm tore into the coast bringing winds reaching ninety miles per hour. It was really horrible assembly district and sound of why would be frat don't of an old mail this storm chaser trying to measure the wind speed barely able to keep his foot in. Trying to get out we got thrown in the trailers got drawn in your mailboxes houses trees. The blinding rain forcing police cars off the road to waited out as the guy at the storm blew through Wilmington. At least seven people and died from the storm the storm is wreaking traffic on our state. Firefighters desperately trying to save those trapped inside. Sadly the light of a mother and infant he can we are saddened today announced the first fatalities. Of the storm here. Firefighters taking a moment in prayer paying respect to those they were un able to see as floors to gain you couldn't tell the rivers from the road. Storm search ten feet in some places nearly covering home. Floating when you one after another going. Rock residents across the Carolinas are hoping and praying influences flood waters won't destroy what they've worked so hard to rebuild. After breaking Matthew striking just two years ago. I'm right here. Where my staff my mailbox my mother's mailbox is there. There's at least two feet deep. You know I've covered hurricanes for the past few decades and every time. After the storm is over the next day it's usually. Beautiful weather. That is not the case with hurricane Florence you can see it is still raining in ginger talked about those rainfall totals. Nearly two feet already in some places we're expecting at least another six to ten inches here in Wilmington, North Carolina. When we have high tide those two combining not good news for people who are trying to escape floodwaters guys. And you put your finger on the exact problem may be robot thank you.

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{"id":57845059,"title":"7 dead as Florence wreaks havoc on East Coast ","duration":"6:25","description":"The monster storm, which has devastated the Carolinas with nearly 2 feet of rain in some areas, is far from over.","url":"/GMA/News/video/dead-florence-wreaks-havoc-east-coast-57845059","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}