Democrats launch multiple investigations into Trump

Congressional negotiators are also working toward an agreement on border security in order to keep the government open as another shutdown deadline looms.
2:52 | 02/07/19

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Transcript for Democrats launch multiple investigations into Trump
the Ohio river valley. To Washington where another shutdown deadline is looming. Just over a week to go as congressional negotiators work toward an agreement on border security to keep the government open and congressional Democrats defy president trump by launching multiple investigations right now. Mary Bruce is on capitol hill with the latest. Mary, the president is already up early this morning tweeting an attack on one of the investigations. Reporter: Yeah, the president says that Democrats and their committees are nuts and that it all amounts to presidential harassment. We've heard the president warn against these investigations but Democrats here on the hill are not backing down, in fact, this morning they're ramping up and the house intelligence committee announced a sweeping new probe into the president, his family, his finances, Russia and beyond while the chair of the house judiciary committee is preparing to subpoena the acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker if he fails to show up at a hearing tomorrow though there is no indication yet he is not coming and today, George, Democrats will start laying the groundwork to secure the president's tax returns so the oversight here on the hill is really kicking into high gear and the president doesn't seem to like it. Meanwhile, a hearing today on the family separation policy at the border as those congressional negotiators try to come to some agreement on border security. It appears the Republicans and Democrats on the hill are getting closer to an agreement. Is it something the president will sign off on? Reporter: There is a renewed sense of optimism they are closing in on a deal and Democrats appear open to more funding for new fencing along the border while Republicans seem to concede they are not going to get the full $5.7 billion that the president is demanding for his wall but the big X factor continues to be the president and whether he can get on board with it. If he doesn't get on board he talked about declaring a national emergency but evening Republicans in the senate are warning him against that. Reporter: Absolutely. We've heard from many Republicans, even some of the president's closest allies here on the hill saying that is not a good idea and feel it would set a terrible precedent. 2020, presidential race, Elizabeth Warren continues to be dogged by claims she continued to claim native American heritage and she was forced to apologize. Let's take a look. It is about an apology from the heart. An apology for not being more sensitive to tribal citizenship and tribal sovereignty, because it was based on my understanding from my family's stories, but family stories are not the same as tribal citizenship. Reporter: George, the senator there telling us she is sorry that she was not more mindful and sensitive when labeling herself as American Indian but, George, Elizabeth Warren is expected to formally launch her presidential campaign this weekend and she just continues to be plagued by this controversy surrounding her claims of native American heritage. As a lot of Democrats worry she's not able to shake it. We move to new developments

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"Congressional negotiators are also working toward an agreement on border security in order to keep the government open as another shutdown deadline looms. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60906480","title":"Democrats launch multiple investigations into Trump ","url":"/GMA/News/video/democrats-launch-multiple-investigations-trump-60906480"}