Doctors concerned as COVID infections spike in Michigan

After a record-breaking weekend in which 4.6 million vaccinations were given, officials are warning hospitalizations are reaching dangerous levels not seen since last year.
3:15 | 04/12/21

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Transcript for Doctors concerned as COVID infections spike in Michigan
Now to a record-breaking weekend in the vaccinate the U.S. With daily doses reaching 4.6 million, this according to the CDC. Some 119 million Americans have received at least one dose. That's more than 45% of adults, but officials are warning about a spike in new cases in Michigan. Eva pilgrim is in Detroit with more on this for us. Good morning, Eva. Reporter: Good morning, it is literally a race to vaccinate here in Michigan as they are seeing a steep incline in new cases, and hospitalizations. Hospitals here are back to a no visitors policy. Several of them putting elective surgeries on hold, and doctors here telling me they don't think we've seen the worst of this surge yet. This morning, some good news in the race to vaccinate. New Hampshire and Oklahoma becoming the latest states to allow nonresidents to be vaccinated. This as the upper midwest wakes up to a warning. Covid cases are on the rise. In Michigan, health care workers saying the virus is spreading like wildfire. It's breaking our hearts. We're exhausted, emotionally. Reporter: Hospital at missions jumping nearly 30% in the upper midwest in just the past week. The CDC ranking Michigan the number one hot spot in the country, and hospitals feeling the strain. Some patients facing eight to ten-hour wait times. Those hospitalized shifting away from now vaccinated older Americans to those unvaccinated younger adults. Now we're seeing that kind of 40 to 59 age group has the largest group that's getting infected. We're certainly seeing some children that are getting ill, but it's really that young adult population that's driving a lot of the cases. So for us, this surge is bigger than it was a year ago. Reporter: Doctors say driving the surge, a mix of reduced restrictions, pandemic fatigue, and the uk variant which now accounts for 70% of the new cases in Michigan. The federal government now sending Michigan more personnel to administer vaccines, though governor Gretchen Whitmer doubling down that her state needs more shots. When there is a surge, we think that it's important that we go to -- we rush in to meet where that need is. Reporter: Across the country, the supply of Johnson & Johnson vaccine expected to drop 85% this week, but there are glimmers of hope. While hospital admissions are rising, deaths have declined since the January peak, and the U.S. Travel industry starting to rebound after the CDC said fully vaccinated Americans could safely travel. And doctors here say they do have better treatment protocols for covid patients now than they did during that first surge, and while that isn't able to keep them from those patients being seriously ill and having to be hospitalized, it is helping keep those icus from overflowing. That is encouraging. We know that pfizer is now asking the fda to expand authorization of its vaccine for its use in children as young as 12? Reporter: That's right, robin. The fda is reviewing that request, and the CDC's director says she expects that fda authorization will come in about mid-may. Robin? All right. Eva reporting from Michigan. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"After a record-breaking weekend in which 4.6 million vaccinations were given, officials are warning hospitalizations are reaching dangerous levels not seen since last year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77017807","title":"Doctors concerned as COVID infections spike in Michigan","url":"/GMA/News/video/doctors-concerned-covid-infections-spike-michigan-77017807"}