Dramatic chase and shootout leaves 4 dead at South Florida intersection

New details are emerging about a wild robbery and shootout on a crowded highway.
2:16 | 12/07/19

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Transcript for Dramatic chase and shootout leaves 4 dead at South Florida intersection
Speaking of that we turn to a wild shootout on the streets of south Florida. The families of the people killed in the crossfire here are expressing their outrage over how police handled this situation. ABC's Victor Oquendo is in coral gable, Florida, with much more. Victor, good morning. Reporter: Good morning, Dan this is where it all started with a botched robbery here at this jewelry store in a shoot-out with the owner. A few minutes later, those suspects would hijack that FedEx truck, the chase was on. We've all seen how it ended and how the heartbroken family want answers. This morning, devastating details about the dramatic chase and shootout that left four dead on this busy intersection. While the FBI investigates the victims' families are outraged at the police response. Frank Ordonez was covering another driver's route when these two suspects Davis, Lamar Alexander and Ronnie Jerome hill allegedly tried robbing his jewelry store then hijacked Ordonez's truck and took him hostage and drove him more than 20 miles up the Florida turnpike and interstate 75 and local streets. The suspects firing back at an armada of police before getting stuck in traffic in Miramar. At least 13 officers opening fire. In the end four people were dead. The two suspects, 70-year-old Richard Cutshaw in his car nearby survived by his 99-year-old mother as well as five brothers and sisters and Ordonez who leaves behind two young daughters. What does the family want? Justice. Reporter: Ordonez's stepfather believes officers mishandled the situation. He was murdered. He was murdered? He was murdered. What else can you call it? Reporter: It's unclear if the two were killed by the suspects or by police fire. The miami-dade police director offering condolences to the families and promising a full investigation. The people responsible for this action, for this result are the two gentlemen that decided to enter that store and commit this violent crime. Reporter: And as they investigate, the FBI will be look at a number of things like protocol and who fired first. Still so many questions for law enforcement. Eva. Thinking of those families. The CDC is urging anyone who

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{"duration":"2:16","description":"New details are emerging about a wild robbery and shootout on a crowded highway.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67563651","title":"Dramatic chase and shootout leaves 4 dead at South Florida intersection","url":"/GMA/News/video/dramatic-chase-shootout-leaves-dead-south-florida-intersection-67563651"}