Family who took in alleged shooter speaks out

James and Kimberly Snead, along with their lawyer Jim Lewis, talk to "GMA" about alleged school shooter Nikolas Cruz, 19, who had been living with them since Thanksgiving after his mom died.
7:55 | 02/19/18

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Transcript for Family who took in alleged shooter speaks out
Over the Michael. We begin with the family who took in Nikolas Cruz. The 19-year-old who police say killed 17 people in the horrific shooting last week. Cruz had been living with the sneads since Thanksgiving. The Snead's son was Cruz's friend. I want to thank you for joining us. James and Kimberly Snead and their lawyer, Jim Lewis. How are you holding up? It's a roller coaster of emotions. Um -- you know, it's -- still tough. We're still very -- grieving. Feeling for the families it's affecting. And you opened your home to Cruz for nearly three months. Yes, sir. You tried to get him counseling. What was he like in your home? Nothing that they proper tray on television or the media. Everything everybody seems to know, we didn't know. We had rules. And, um, he fold every rule to the "T." And before he moved into your home, how well did you know him? I had met him calm of times before. He had spent the night at the house. He was very polite. He seemed Normal. And Kimberly can you take us back to that day. Was there anything unusual before that day? No, not at all. The only thing that was maybe different was he didn't go to school. He usually driving him to school. He didn't go that morning. It sometimes happens. He said he didn't go to school on Valentine's day. Okay. When did you realize what he had done? Um -- after the S.W.A.T. Team called me. And asked where -- if I knew where my son Nikolas was. I said, he's not my son. But I don't know where he's at. I got in touch with my son who was fleeing the scene at that point. And a description came out and we put two and two together. Me and my son. And we figured out what was happening. And what was going thank you your mind when this happen snd did you both find out at the same time? No she was home sleeping. At that point, I was panic-stricken for her safety pip called the S.W.A.T. Officer back to get the police back to my home to check on her. And after all this happened, you got a chance to see Nikolas. What did you say to him? Did he speak back? Did he say anything back? It was at the police station. They were going past us. And I basically, I went after him. I wanted to strangle him more than anything. And I just -- I mean, I wanted to say -- I tried to reserve myself. I said, really, NIK? Really? Yelling at him. He mumbled something. I didn't hear. He said he was voir. He said he was sorry. I was furious. Heart broken. Devastated. I still can't process what he's done. This wasn't the person we knew. Not at all. And he was friends with your son. Yes, sir. How is your son holding up? He's angry. He's angry. He's betrayed. He's -- you know, he's upset. Furious. He was that school, too. He had friends at that school. He was at school that day. Nikolas texted your son. What were those texts like? He told my son he was going to the movies. And he said he had something to tell him. And my son pressed him, what T? What is it? And he goes, nothing bad, bro. That was it. He said he was going to the movies. The last text my son got was, um -- Yo. That was it. That was about 2:18, I believe. Do you have any idea why he texted your son? No idea. No idea. Mr. Lewis, thank you for joining us. Somewhat T what is the latest on the FBI investigation? We're cooperating. These folks have cooperated in every way. These are good people. Who are trying to do the right thing. They took this young man and got him into another school. They -- got him a job. They brought him into their home and tried to show him love. NIK indicated he was very happy this this home. And now, like they say, no good deed goes unpunished. Are you worried about legal repercussions? If they get sued, somebody tries to find fault with them, this young man, their own son. He's part of the community. He wants to get back to the school. They want to go back to their lives. They want people to know because NIK was at their house, they want to tell people everything that they know, including the FBI and all law enforcement. They is cooperated from day one. There have been so many reports about nikolass' alleged social media use. Killing small animals. Posting about guns. Did you know anything about that? No, we knew he had one Instagram account. That my son had. I guess that would be the Normal one. The other ones he had, we had no idea about. My son had no idea about. As far as the animal killings, he didn't do anything like that at our house. We have animals. He loved our animals. Our animals loved him. You were aware he had weapons? Absolutely spp. Where were they kept? Before he moved in, one of the stipulations was he had to get a gun safe. We got one on the way to move his stuff to our house. He didn't have free access? No, I thought I had the only key. And had he ever asked you beforehand to use a gun, to take it out of the safe? He asked twice. Once, I said yes, because he wanted to Chien it. And I don't know which gun he wanted to clean. I said okay. The other time he asked, I said no, it wasn't a good time. Why did you tell him no? I don't know what the situatisi situation was in the house. It wasn't a good time. I don't know if we were leaving or sitting down to eat. It wasn't a good time. You had no problem with him having a weapon? No, not at all. He fold rules. He fold the rules. He fold the rules. They were not allowed to be out if we were not home. If one of us wasn't home. He knew that. To our knowledge, he never had them out. As far as the animals goes, I'm an animal person. There is no way I would let anybody in my house if I thought he was torturing animals at all. The if we had known anything about the Instagram accounts. I don't know how to use Instagram. Old school. If we knew anything about that, he wouldn't be in our home. Do you have a message to the families who have lost children and -- loved ones in the tragedy. Nothingky say will heal them. We hurt for them. Deeply. Very much so. We were -- devastated. And, I can't imagine the pain they must be feeling. Nothing that we can say is going to be any kind of help. But -- we're very sorry that, you know, they had this experience. And -- it never should have happened. If we had known any of the things that we're hearing, we're learning a lot about all of this just the same as everybody else. Know, and we feel betrayed as well. And just shocked. It's just -- it's crushed everybody's world in our community. I'm sure it's overwhelming. Do you plan on seeing Nikolas? Not at this time. No. Thank you so much. James and Kimberly. Thank you for joining me. Mr. Lewis, thank you for joining us. Thank you, sir. We'll be right back. ???

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{"id":53193296,"title":"Family who took in alleged shooter speaks out ","duration":"7:55","description":"James and Kimberly Snead, along with their lawyer Jim Lewis, talk to \"GMA\" about alleged school shooter Nikolas Cruz, 19, who had been living with them since Thanksgiving after his mom died.","url":"/GMA/News/video/family-alleged-shooter-speaks-53193296","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}