Family reunited with dog mistakenly flown to Japan

Kara Swindle and her German Shepherd named Irgo tell "GMA" about the United Airlines mishap that saw the dog flown to Japan.
3:28 | 03/16/18

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Transcript for Family reunited with dog mistakenly flown to Japan
We are back now with the family finally reunited with their German shepherd after he was mistakenly shipped all the way to Japan on a united airlines flight. Kara swindle and irgo are joining us live from Kansas and Kara and irgo, welcome. Nice to he have you guys. How does it feel to be reunited with irgo? It feels so good to finally have him back. It's definitely unmistakable events. Irgo is ten years old. This was his first flight. But supposedly an hour and turned into a 16-hour one-way ordeal to Japan. He has an ear infection. Was on medication. How is he doing now? You know, he seems to be doing okay. He's a little rest also but hopefully once we get him back home, he can finally start to relax a little. He looks happy right there with the family when you're being reunited. Was he able to get his medication for the ear infection while going through this whole ordeal? Yes, yes, I did have it in my luggage so he does have it now thankfully. United airlines said they were going to fly irgo first class with an attendant so how was the return flight for irgo? So, from what originally was planned changed a lot. He was supposed to come back just in a cabin on the regular flight. But for some reason united wouldn't let him fly in the cabin. So they decided doing their corporate jet would be the best bet and got him there a whole lot faster as well. Whoa. Irgo, you know what, you have a lot to live up for irgo's next flight. Corporate jets. And united said -- He's never going to want to fly regular again. I don't blame him. United apologized for their mistakes but what have they done to make it right by you? You know, so far we haven't talked about what is going to happen after. We've just wanted to get him home so now that he is home in the next week or so we can finally talk to them. Another dog died on a united flight earlier this week. Yes. Will you pursue a case against united? Most likely, yes, we will. Because I don't want this to ever happen again and I want to make sure they do something to stop this to make sure no one has to go through this. There's no place like home. I'm sure that's what irgo is thinking. "Wizard of oz." You live in Kansas. I'm sure irgo was saying this isn't cancer anymore. Well, we actually -- Go ahead. We actually just moved here. We've only been here for a few days now so he doesn't even know this is home yet. Oh, wow. We know we're very happy you all are reunited. We love seeing the videotape of irgo with the family when you all got back together and so happy he's okay and wish you the best on your new move and, you know, your new home. Thank you very, very much. We reached out to united for comment again, but we have not heard back from them. They did apologize for the mistake and say they are following up with the vendor kennel where the dogs were kept to understand what happened. Plus, he got to fly private. That's pretty amazing. International traveler now. She said they didn't want to put him in the first class cabin, I said, oh, no, under the plane. Pretty good. Champagne, fancy dog bones. What do you get?

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{"id":53792351,"title":"Family reunited with dog mistakenly flown to Japan ","duration":"3:28","description":"Kara Swindle and her German Shepherd named Irgo tell \"GMA\" about the United Airlines mishap that saw the dog flown to Japan. ","url":"/GMA/News/video/family-reunited-dog-mistakenly-flown-japan-53792351","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}