Flooding, fires hit East and West coasts

The Washington, D.C., area is recovering from flash flooding while hard-hitting hail in Texas cracked an airplane cockpit's windshield.
2:53 | 06/04/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Flooding, fires hit East and West coasts
Now to that dangerous weather ths coa to coast. Floo in the east and wildfi out west. Take a look ash flooding in the Waston, D.C. Area. The raginater rushing down those stairs. And a fallen tree split a house in two. ABC's genitez is there on the scene T V latest. Good morning, gio. Orter: Michael, G morning. It's incredible. Isn't it? Apparently this ground was so sarated here that this tree fell R over. And we ally have a wide shot so you can see massive this tree actual is. You can see right through the house. It split it down the middle that is actually the owner' bedroom right there. Rig before this thing fell. S nephe was down in the se watching TV. Soust incredible, thankful thathey were not hurt. They were F house and out of harm's way at lea but, boy, this was just one of the many issues W S across this country. Overnight a terrifying flight and eency landing after hard-hitting hail smashed the nose this American ai play in El Paso, Texas and cracked the cockpit's windshield. It startedling and could just hear it on the plane. And the P just dropped. It was S scary like people started screaming. Eporter: The 10 passengers board clapping once they made it safelyo the ground. Asrby in Arkansas this airporangar at delta rnal ripped apart. 0-mile-per-hour W tore through the a and in Austin, 60-mile-per-hour winds overturning thistrailer, several inside having to be rescued. Meanwhile out east, a wnd wash. This was the scene outside our nationpital, rain cascading down those steps. And in D.C. That massive tree splitting this home in half. Felt like an earthquake. Reporter: Yeah, an earthquake he say apparently this whole ert started shaking. Now, the east will dry up. That rain is now mostly gone. Butexas now faces som more severe weather. Ael. Ll thank you so much for that, gwe'll go to ginger with the test on those wildfires out west in the heat that is moving in. Good morning to you, ginger. Good mog, Michael. Hot and dry. That's been the name of the game for the laouple of weeks and lting in large wildfires. 11 of themrom cad to this one here in New Mexico, northeastern new Mexico where there's more T 36,000 acres now bug. That is a large, large wildfire. Look at Laguna be California. Their isshe the skies fill wit smoke, the brush has noted there for almost century and so they've got a lot fuel a we'll fuel the fires even more when you have that ridge of pressure bringing in the heat nix under an excessive hea warning, Las Vegas, 107, palm spring, 110. This W keep going and this weekend we see another bump teatures so we'll follow this for the wt least, Amy. We know will, thank you.

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{"id":55628807,"title":"Flooding, fires hit East and West coasts","duration":"2:53","description":"The Washington, D.C., area is recovering from flash flooding while hard-hitting hail in Texas cracked an airplane cockpit's windshield. ","url":"/GMA/News/video/flooding-fires-hit-east-west-coasts-55628807","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}