Florence's hidden floodwater dangers

Elevated levels of E. coli could be lurking in floodwaters along with hidden electrical wires.
2:43 | 09/15/18

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Transcript for Florence's hidden floodwater dangers
It's been 24 hours rain and a've been sring wi you this morning, the ooe inundati nth and south going to G worse. And tho swirling waters present many dangers below E E. Let's back to ABC's Eva pilgrim fayettevie, north Colina. Eva, good morning, once again. Reporter: Ging, guys. Yeah, the real concern with the flood and you can see, the ter, while it's in its banksnd lk throughas it star to move through neighborhoods and other places then ibereal heat hazard. Overnight tropical storm Florence lashing the Carolinas bringing high winds navy in. W ons about at else the masse storm cod Once the storm does move inlathe inland flooding threat is extreme. R: Florence is expected to dump 10 trli gallons of rain flooding roads and creating a travel nighe for anyone who waited to get T. Don't try to drive on flooded roads. Those floodwaters can be deadly. Reporter:t a few Ines of standing R can stalan engine in W clearance cars and officials warn if the water is ur vehicle could be swept away. Last year xas familyro whside their after trying to escape hurri Harvey. That storm's floodwaters also hid electrical W which claimethe life oa 25-year-old ton man who was trying to dark waters. And what lies beneath is als cause for concern. Just days after Harvey hit "Gma" asked Dr. Terry from Texas collect Sam oodwater. So we're going to collect the Reporter: In a S floodwater of E. Cold coliform was Ng. We saw elevateels of corm and represents the pres of organs could cause disease in some individuals. Reporter: The E. Coli numbers, more than 1 higher than the EPA recommend exposure forwimming. D 15 highethan the stand T for wadi. Now as anothtorm Batts the eastoants preparg for das th C can't see and, guys, I've spent quite a bit of time in flood Zones and call you tharescuers a even our own crews have gotten sick, violently ill being in the waters. U have to be careful. Because you't see ything in the water does mean it won't make you feel bad late guys. It's really good point and a really good reason for you to be careful, Eva. Thank uch for your coverage and, again, you and your tplease Stasa and wee going to be T back

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{"id":57843188,"title":"Florence's hidden floodwater dangers","duration":"2:43","description":"Elevated levels of E. coli could be lurking in floodwaters along with hidden electrical wires.","url":"/GMA/News/video/florences-hidden-floodwater-dangers-57843188","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}