Giuliani, Pence defy Congressional subpoenas

A key State Department official is set to testify in the House impeachment inquiry as allies of President Trump and the Defense Department defy Congressional subpoenas.
2:36 | 10/16/19

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Transcript for Giuliani, Pence defy Congressional subpoenas
The latest on impeachment. With new testimony set for today from a key state department official, the president's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, vice president Mike pence and the defense department all defying congressional subpoenas refusing to turn over any documents. Our senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce is tracking it all from capitol hill. House speaker Nancy Pelosi is holding firm on her refusal to hold a formal vote on an impeachment investigation. Reporter: Yeah, George, despite growing pressure the speaker is holding off for now on a formal vote to authorize the impeachment inquiry and defending their impeachment process. The speaker and top Democrats couldn't come to an agreement on a vote because they are facing a lot of pushback from vulnerable Democrats in swing districts who are concerned that a vote to authorize this inquiry might be confused with an actual vote for impeachment. Now, the white house, of course, has been quick to note the Democrats are breaking with precedent here. They say that without this vote, they are deprived of certain rights but, George, it seems Democrats don't want to appear they are caving to political pressure from the white house and the speaker is adamant that under the constitution, they simply do not have to have the vote. Those are the rules. Meantime, more and more witnesses putting Rudy Giuliani at the center of this whole Reporter: Yeah, and, George, right now Rudy Giuliani is defiant. He has announced he simply is not going to cooperate with house investigators. He is calling this inquiry baseless and illegitimate but he is under a growing intense spotlight for running essentially a rogue operation to push Ukraine to investigate the president's rival Joe Biden and this morning, George, there are also growing questions about what role the acting white house chief of staff Mick Mulvaney might have played. A state department witness told congressional investigators he played a key role in stripping control of the U.S. Relationship with Ukraine away from officials that have the most expertise in this area. Lawmakers may want to talk to Mulvaney as well. As for Giuliani, well, what can they do? They can potentially issue some subpoenas to him to come in and testify but it doesn't look likely that he'll comply with that. Of course, Democrats say all of this stonewalling, George, simply adds to their case for obstruction. Meantime, president trump maintains his phone call was perfect but the white house showing real concern now. Reporter: We have learned that the white house is now conducting an internal review of the president's phone call with the Ukrainian president that sparked this impeachment inquiry. Sources say this internal probe is looking especially at the actions of the deputy white house counsel John Eisenberg who placed that rough transcript of the call into a separate private server, George. We are told this is simply a fact-finding review but there are reports some within the white house think this is a hunt for a scapegoat. Much more to come. Thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"A key State Department official is set to testify in the House impeachment inquiry as allies of President Trump and the Defense Department defy Congressional subpoenas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66313374","title":"Giuliani, Pence defy Congressional subpoenas","url":"/GMA/News/video/giuliani-pence-defy-congressional-subpoenas-66313374"}