Holiday weekend spurs new fear as 36 states see increase in cases

America battles an intensifying pandemic and celebrating the Fourth of July like never before.
3:29 | 07/04/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Holiday weekend spurs new fear as 36 states see increase in cases
America saw 57,000 new cases Friday, the third record day this week. We have team coverage right here this morning and start with Trevor Ault who is on rockaway beach in New York. Trevor, good morning to you. Reporter: Well, Dan, good morning. You know, America is truly conflicted this fourth of July. Across the country the vast majority of parades and fireworks shows are canceled but still several areas like here at rockaway beach could draw substantial crowds. That's as huge portions are reporting an aggressive resurgence of the virus. This morning as America battles an intensifying pandemic, Americans are celebrating the fourth of July like never before. I don't think the beach should be closed. It's a holiday. It's a good holiday and people do not want to be inside. Reporter: Holiday travelers now hitting the road, many joining these long lines of cars heading to packed beaches as covid-19 cases rise in three-fourths of the united States with half the country seeing increasing hospitalizations and 13 states reporting rising deaths. I mean I don't understand what the problem is wearing a mask. Reporter: Many beachgoers around the country like the 100,000 converging on Myrtle Beach this weekend now required to wear masks. But in Florida, amid surging cases, closures have left usually packed beaches eerily empty with some cities enforcing curfews. Are we all frustrated here? We're all frustrated. Reporter: In this Miami neighborhood surge teams going door to door handing out masks and face shields. In Texas masks are now required after governor Greg Abbott initially resisted a statewide mandate. Anyone who thinks covid-19 is not dangerous, the numbers are glaring warning signs that this is dangerous. Reporter: Hospitals in the Rio grande valley in south Texas overwhelmed with patients now diverting them to other hospitals. And massive parties like this one Friday at Missouri's lake of the ozarks have health officials gravely concerned. In Georgia, two ymca camps north of Atlanta shut down, multiple staff and children now testing positive. In California, icu admissions have already climbed nearly 50% in recent weeks and high demand from people hoping to get tested has facilities like this one set up at dodgers stadium already at capacity. Major league baseball now canceling the all-star game for the first time since World War II with 31 players already testing positive. Los Angeles angels star Mike trout opening up about his concerns returning to the game while his wife is pregnant. Honestly still don't feel comfortable. You know, obviously with the baby coming, there's a lot of stuff going through my mind. Reporter: A family in Arizona has already endured a covid nightmare. At 32 weeks pregnant Molly and Robert both tested positive despite their own quarantine, even their 4-year-old showing symptoms. They have all overcome the virus but the fear hasn't gone away. Me being a teacher, going back to work and I just -- that situation, I feel like it's almost unavoidable. Reporter: And today as so many Americans are going to be heading outside and gathering together, already 13 states have paused or delayed their re-opening plans and six of them have reversed course reinstituting restrictions that they previously thought were safe to lift. Whit? Trevor Ault, thank you. Joining us from the hard hit state of Texas is Austin mayor

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"America battles an intensifying pandemic and celebrating the Fourth of July like never before.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71607153","title":"Holiday weekend spurs new fear as 36 states see increase in cases","url":"/GMA/News/video/holiday-weekend-spurs-fear-36-states-increase-cases-71607153"}