Husband of woman killed on Southwest flight speaks out

Michael Riordan says he is "still in denial" about the death of his wife, Jennifer Riordan, and tells ABC News how he told the couple's two children.
3:00 | 04/25/18

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Transcript for Husband of woman killed on Southwest flight speaks out
An emotional interview with the husband of Jennifer Riordan, the mother of two killed when that engine exploded. Reporter: Good morning, George. Michael Riordan is not thinking at all about the investigation. He's concentrating on his children after the shocking death of his wife. Love was many her heart. And my final words to her, I love you, travel safe. I'll always have that. Reporter: Michael Riordan, for the first time, sharing his pain. The chaplain said, I need to have the doctor talk to you. Before the doctor was able to call. I clicked on the news. I saw one passenger was taken to the hospital. I thought, she can't be injured that bad. I can get there, hold her hand. Love on her. I got a call from the doctor two minutes later saying, we tried everything we could. She didn't make it. Reporter: She was on her way home from New York. When the engine of the jet explode period. Window next to Jennifer ploun out. Passengers rushing to pull her back inside. She was pronounced dead from her injuries after later arriving at the hospital. Michael telling us he's grateful to the passengers who tried to help her. I received the names of the people sitting next to her. And I -- not yet. Burks at some pint, I need to reach out the them and just -- just know that as family, we're thankful for them being there with her. Thoughing they were showing the kindness and care that they were. To lose your wife and partner for 29 years and the -- mother of your children is -- an impossible task. How do you tell your kids that their mom's gone? Reporter: Tell me how you dealt with that. No parent is ever prepared for that. I held their hands. I took a knee. I said, mommy's not going to come home, guys. Reporter: The couple met when they were teen agers at a shopping mall in Vermont. On Sunday, thousands showing up to honor the 43-year-old bank executive. To celebrate what Michael called her unapologetic love of life. And she was going to show you how much she loved life and how much she -- you -- whoever you were talking to meant to her. Reporter: Michael clearly adored his wife. The loss is devastating. But George, he's determined to teach those kids to live the life that Jennifer would have wanted them to live, George. What a job he has ahead of him. Thank you, Martha.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Michael Riordan says he is \"still in denial\" about the death of his wife, Jennifer Riordan, and tells ABC News how he told the couple's two children.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54714661","title":"Husband of woman killed on Southwest flight speaks out","url":"/GMA/News/video/husband-woman-killed-southwest-flight-speaks-54714661"}