Man at center of GOP memo controversy speaks out

Carter Page tells "GMA" whether he supports the release of the Democratic memo and describes his reported Kremlin ties.
3:42 | 02/06/18

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Transcript for Man at center of GOP memo controversy speaks out
We're joined by the man at the center of this memo controversy Carter page. Thanks for joining us. You say this Republican memo that was released shows the abuse of your civil rights was worse than you imagined. Why? It just -- there is no basis for it. If you think about our constitution, you know, due process rights, freedom of, you know, first amendment rights, it was just shredded, the constitution. As you know you can't get a warrant like this unless they can demonstrate probable cause you were working as a foreign agent and you actually had been on the FBI's radar for working for Russia for several years, the target of a Russian recruitment effort back in 2013, the FBI interviewed you about that, correct? It was a witness to a case that they were doing, so I was supporting the FBI. You gave documents to someone they charged with espionage. This is sort of spin. I was teaching a course down Broadway here at nyu and I told them a couple of things about what I was talking about in my course and I gave them a couple of my notes from or the documents that I gave my students, so in terms of -- it sounds when you say giving documents to a quote/unquote spy -- It does sound -- It sounds a lot worse than reality but that's reality. You also wrote just a couple months after that in September 2013 to an academic press -- reported by "Time" magazine I've had the privilege to serve as an informal adviser to the staff ofthe Kremlin. You were recruited at one point by a Russian agent then you wrote yourself that you were Ang informal adviser to the Kremlin so that leads people to believe is he working with Russia? Well, you know, first of all it's the g20 summit was in St. Petersburg that year and were bringing people from around the world so a lot of people were -- from literally Australia, uk -- These are your words. I served as an informal adviser to the staff of the Kremlin. You're advising the Kremlin. There was lot of people advising -- we were part of an informal group, you know, and meeting in Geneva, Paris and the New York stock exchange. The first meeting was in the new York stock exchange. You can understand howhat would raise questions and lead to probable cause on the one hand. You say you're an adviser on the one hand then an adviser to Donald Trump. The probable cause based on all the evidence that keeps dripping out and now has been further substance yachted with the Friday F memo is it was based on that dodgy dossier which was, you know, a political stunt which is unfortunate, which is false evidence, so if you talk about obstruction of justice, that's real -- The Democrats have said it was not based just on that dossier but said there were other reasons and this was an application that was renewed at least three times by people who worked for president trump as well by judges appointed by Republican presidents. Well, it'll be interesting. I appreciate "The New York Times" putting in their request for the -- They want all the underlying documents. I hope they get it. What do you think that will show? I have no idea. What I have seen thus far is complete ridiculousness. The fact that the dossier and news report, "The New York Times" pitched this information by Mr. Steele and they said, you know, no way. But you've been under surveillance from the court since 2016. Since that time have you ever spoken to Donald Trump? I never spoke with him since -- I never spoke with him any time in my life. You have never spoken to Donald Trump in your life. No. No e-mail, no text, nothing like that. Never. Carter page, thanks very much. Thanks, George.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"Carter Page tells \"GMA\" whether he supports the release of the Democratic memo and describes his reported Kremlin ties.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52867734","title":"Man at center of GOP memo controversy speaks out","url":"/GMA/News/video/man-center-gop-memo-controversy-speaks-52867734"}