Manufacturers test new smart smoke detectors

The new generation of smoke detectors will be able to identify if smoke is coming from cooking or a real fire dramatically reducing nuisance tripping or false alarms.
3:21 | 02/09/18

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Transcript for Manufacturers test new smart smoke detectors
We'll turn to our "Gma" cover story. A first look at the new generation of smoke detectors that are designed to stop those annoying false alarms that may lead people to disconnect them in nearly half of house fire cases where smoke detectors didn't work, it was because of batteries were disconnected or missing and ABC's gio Benitez is here and, gio, Ty hope that this can save some lives. Absolutely, robin. This is a major, major change. We've all been there. You're cooking and smoke detector goes off. Next thing you know you're waving that dish towel in the air trying to get it to stop. In some cases you might even pop that battery out but that's exactly what experts are worried about so this morning we got a first look at the new technology aimed at keeping the battery in. We're all annoyed by those false alarms. Sol of us even yank out the battery not knowing that a deadly fire could be around the corner. The issue is so serious that the nation's largest product certification lab, ul, is working with manufacturers to test these new smart Deckers. This is game changing and life changing. And life saving. Reporter: Deckers will now be able to identify if smoke is coming from cooking or a real fire dramatically reducing what is called noise Sans tripping or false alarms. Now this will be able to determine what kind of smoke is in your home. Exactly. Technology that might have helped just teina Paige who removed them after several false alarms. I decided this is just a nuisance. We're not going to have a fire because to one expects to have a fire. Let's take this out. Our home is safe. Reporter: But one night -- I awoke to explosions. TVs popping. Reporter: She lost one of her young sons Amos and she and the rest of the family suffered severe burns. To test the new smart alones, ul just built this lab, "Gma" right there with the first look. We're going to go ahead and place these up the top broiler. Reporter: We put hamburgers in the oven to see which go off. Above us two older smoke detectors and two with the new technology. Let's fire it up. Sure enough after ten minutes the older detecters start beeping. What would happen. You have to get the pillow and do the thing. Or, unfortunately, disable the battery and that's a no-no. Reporter: The new ones. There is no nuisance triping. Not even after 15 minutes recognizing it's not a real fire. To show it actuals during a real fire, ul lights this foam on fire simulating the tears in a sofa. Here we go. Now it went off. 2 1/2 minutes in with flames present the new Deckers go off. I mean this, is potentially life saving. This is 100% life saving. Reporter: And you know what, you won't have to wait long for these new smoke detectors. We'll start seeing them on the market this spring and because ul has updated its standards they say that all smoke Deckers certified by ul must have this in place by 2020 and you know that mom that we met there, she's now a fire safety advocate and she's helping save lives now and she really believes that this will help save lives. It will. Make cooking a lot easier too. Do the wave. Do the wave. We've all done it. Yeah, we've all been there.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"The new generation of smoke detectors will be able to identify if smoke is coming from cooking or a real fire dramatically reducing nuisance tripping or false alarms.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52959455","title":"Manufacturers test new smart smoke detectors","url":"/GMA/News/video/manufacturers-test-smart-smoke-detectors-52959455"}