New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announces 2020 presidential bid

The New York City mayor discusses what he hopes to accomplish as he joins a crowd of candidates seeking the Democratic nomination.
3:57 | 05/16/19

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Transcript for New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announces 2020 presidential bid
New York, bill de Blasio and the city's first lady chirlane Mccray to launch their run or should I say his run. Democratic candidate and a field that big you know the most important question for any candidate is what sets you apart? What do you bring to the race that no one else can? George, working Americans deserve better and I know we can do it because I've done it here in the largest, toughest city in this country. We're putting money back in the hands of working people and I say it very bluntly, there's plenty of money in this world and threes plenty of money in this country. It's just in the wrong hands. We have to do things for working people and put working people that's the difference here. I have actually done it, proven it can be done. We're doing things like guaranteed health care for all new yorkers including mental health care, the issue that chirlane is focused on, paid sick leave, pre-k for all. This is things that change working people's lives for the better. All Americans deserve that kind of opportunity to live a better life. You say it's a tough city. We're hearing it outside. Protesters. A little say nad. It's not only that. There's a poll about a month ago, quinnipiac poll showed 76% of New York voters, 73% of new York Democrats say you shouldn't run so what should the rest of the country think when so many are saying don't run. I got elected mayor by 73% of the vote, ee LE elected with 67%. The poll that matters is the election, so new yorkers have twice said that they want me to lead them. And I think about polling in general. It's not where you start. It's where you end. So in the course of this campaign, we're going to talk about what working people need and how their government should be on their side. Right now the federal government is not on the side of working people and that's because Donald Trump is playing a big con on America. I call him con don. Every new Yorker knows he's a con artist. We know his tricks. We know his playbook. I know how to take him on. I've been watching him for decades and trying to convince working Americans he's on their side. A lie since day one. I will show what's needed around the country so working people can live better. What role would you expect to play in the campaign and if you get there, the white house? Well, you know, George, I'm his top adviser but I'm not the only adviser. I'm here today because for the same reasons that bill is here because I care about working family, working people and, you know, we've never had a behaviorial health system in this country. Rising suicide rate, we've got opioid epidemic. We've got hospital emergency rooms inundated with volume-related visits and nobody is talking about it the way they should. There's a lot of pain. A lot of pain, a lot of urgency and we can do something about it. We're doing something about it in New York City and it can be done everywhere. You mentioned Donald Trump, the famous resident of New York City. He hasn't given you a nickname as far as I can tell but his son don junior has a tweet welcome you into the race. Rather than do a pr stunt run for president we all know it's going nowhere maybe he should clean up his backyard first. What a clown show. Your response. Well, again, I'll give Donald Trump another nickname. Con don because he's conned us into thinking he's on the side of working people when he's really on the side of the 1% but to that tweet I'd say that came from the fact that I announced another piece of our New York City green new deal right at trump tower. By the way, trump tower can an example of a big building owned by a rich guy that is causing a lot of pollution, a lot of emissions, we're saying in new York City we have the toughest law in the world saying we're going to hold landlords accountable for the emissions from their buildings because we must deal with global warming now. I believe in the green new deal and we're making it happen right here in New York City. You're heading to Iowa and South Carolina. Good luck on the trail. Thanks for coming in this

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"The New York City mayor discusses what he hopes to accomplish as he joins a crowd of candidates seeking the Democratic nomination. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63072308","title":"New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announces 2020 presidential bid","url":"/GMA/News/video/nyc-mayor-bill-de-blasio-announces-2020-presidential-63072308"}