Parents of 6-month-old under fire for waterskiing video speak out

Casey Humphreys defended the now viral video of his 6-month-old son, saying he was by his side at all times and that the boat was only going 5 mph.
3:13 | 09/23/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Parents of 6-month-old under fire for waterskiing video speak out
We're gonna begin with the parents who posted this video of this six month old baby water skiing some people pray for the family. But others are calling it a dangerous time TJ Holmes here now. What they had to say good morning to get OK straight loses just one of those videos that you're going to react and only one out two very disparate ways you're gonna look at and go all look at the baby skiing boarding gonna look into what is wrong. With these parents so all moment that was supposed to be a proud one for them has turned into something polarizing to the public. Listen now to the parents tell their side. That's the six month old rich comforts and water skiing on Lake Powell when you talk. And that's his day Casey right beside him on the boat and its debt now claims his son holds the unofficial record for the youngest water skier in the world. He did the fall of life he loved the water the Humphrey say the boat was going about five miles per hour and Casey remained by his son's side at all times. We had a separate vote out there. Probably. Roughly. Ten or twelve people involves total a couple of doctors and nurse on the boat. But after posting the video on social media the Humphreys were criticized for what some called cool and irresponsible. One critic writing this child is far too young to be on the water unattended and is in real danger of drowning or letting go and seriously hurting himself. Still plenty of others appraised at the family for starting their child so young you two are such great parents teaching your beautiful little boy how awesome adventure is. I really feel like the majority. Criticism comes from people carrying. And people just being concerned in wanting the best for our child and so honestly we appreciate that. According to the American academy of pediatrics infants can drowned in a matter of seconds due to their lack of neck and muscle control and should always remain within arms reach any time there are around water. Reduced parents city enrolled him in infant swimming classes and they've built this custom board and it practiced on land. And in the water with supervision. He has never fallen off of when we put him on the board and had a point on to their OP he was right at home. So we talked just pediatrician and it. Before we water skeet US super impressed with how. You know far longer exists and he is you know really well developed for his age he fed it fine and to not worry about it. We've seen something like this before this was offered capture another six month old water skiing on on North Carolina leaked back into only sixteen. As for rich his parents say they don't know if he'll decide to stick with water sports for now. They're just proud parents. Whether you agree with what we've done for rich and why he's accomplished or not you can understand. How exciting it is to see your child accomplish something. It's a you look at it really Robin thing how he's doing that well the six month old strong enough to hold himself up but his feet were actually strapped. To that board now as far as a world record. Guinness doesn't keep up with such things Robin they say they don't track stunts by very young children but. Parenting through this two candidate. Ma'am ma'am no judgment no judgment here between the post everything film like everything has to be posted if they want to do it maybe just do it and not share with everybody but hey.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"Casey Humphreys defended the now viral video of his 6-month-old son, saying he was by his side at all times and that the boat was only going 5 mph.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73186358","title":"Parents of 6-month-old under fire for waterskiing video speak out","url":"/GMA/News/video/parents-month-fire-waterskiing-video-speak-73186358"}