Passenger jet hydroplanes off runway amid California storms

Plus, the latest details on mudslides and treacherous rainfall threatening California's burn areas and prompting evacuation orders for thousands of people.
3:36 | 12/07/18

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Transcript for Passenger jet hydroplanes off runway amid California storms
begin with that dangerous storm that is on the move this morning. Heavy rains leading to mudslides, forcing mandatory evacuations in southern California and now it's heading east and right to ginger in our extreme weather center and she's been tracking the storm and she'll let us know all about it. Working hard with the team looking at the images we see all day. Check this out, interstate 5 in California shut down because of snow. You do not see that in southern California very often. You do see this, when even a half inch of rain hits a burn scar area you can get mudslides. Yesterday up to 4 1/2 inches in the last 48 hours so really impressive rain totals and a big disaster for southern California where we find our Matt Gutman in lake elsinore. Reporter: Hey, ginger, you described the mud that comes roaring down the mountains piled up high. You don't realize the consistency. It can swallow your boots whole. What these roads look like here in lake elsinore just piled feet high with this type of mud and what you don't see it's the consistency of cement. That mud coarsing through the town of lake elsinore with definite force turning streets into impassable canals of mud, up to two feet high. We just don't know the stability of our hills anymore. The fire did its devastation. The hills behind us not a concern could become a concern very quickly. Reporter: Thousands evacuated from areas that burned in wildfires just weeks ago. The mud rivers shooting down from canyons and dams like this. The so-called mud line in this woman's home marking theght of the mud surge, even seeping through her walls. Neighbors rushing to pile sandbags and shovel whatever they could away from the foundation. I pushed everything that way. We just bagged up all we could. Reporter: Parts of the pacific coast highway shutting it down and it caved in the roof of this day-care center in San Diego. No children were inside. And it wasn't only rain, just north of Los Angeles, snow crippled highways. Traffic frozen in place for miles. We have a storm moving through the Gorman area about 40 miles north of Los Angeles along the 5 freeway that shut the freeway down entirely. Reporter: A scare at one of the busiest airports. Southwest 278 was traveling with limited visibility from Oakland into Burbank when it hydroplanned off the runway. There will be a lot of emergency vehicles exiting. You could see sand and mud flying up past the windows. Reporter: Now, the local national weather service did not predict this, ginger. They forecast light to moderate rain and no debris flows. Apparently this is hard to predict but what you and your team have been focusing on is the intensity of the rain in certain locations, what created these mountains of mud. We're trying to do impact. I'm hoping for the future we can worry about even a half inch of rain. Thanks so much. Max is helping us out but let's look at the map. As this moves east it's not just the moisture, but you see that it freezes and that's where it's going to become a big issue for Saturday and Sunday through the plains. If you saw your state highlighted pay close attention. North of 20 it turns into ice and snow and, Cecilia, as we wrap up Sunday up to a foot of snow in western North Carolina like Hickory could be buried. It is going to be a busy weekend for you guys, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"Plus, the latest details on mudslides and treacherous rainfall threatening California's burn areas and prompting evacuation orders for thousands of people.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59674480","title":"Passenger jet hydroplanes off runway amid California storms","url":"/GMA/News/video/passenger-jet-hydroplanes-off-runway-amid-california-storms-59674480"}