New questions surrounding Trump's personal attorney

Michael Cohen reportedly gained access to as much as $774,000 during Trump's campaign, which could be in violation of campaign finance and other laws.
7:07 | 05/05/18

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Transcript for New questions surrounding Trump's personal attorney
Now to the new developments involving president trump. His personal attorney and the payment to stormy dean there are several new headlines this morning including a story in the New York Times that says the president. May have known of the payment to the porn star months before. He publicly denied it. Matt Dowd is standing by an analysis let's let's start here at ABC's Caracol marries at the White House Terry good morning to you. Good morning Dan Paula that's right the White House is suffering from a real credibility crisis since Giuliani admitted that the president week hate his lawyer. Michael Collins of the payments made to it stormy Daniels. All along they've been saying that he had no knowledge of the payments and now the questions are when he now not 18 am. This morning a new report raising questions about what and when president Tran who knew about that six figure payout made by his personal attorney Michael Colleen. Two adult film actress stormy Daniels. The New York Times citing two people familiar with the arrangement reporting that mr. trump didn't know about the payment. Several months he for denied having any knowledge of it on Air Force One. According to paper it's not clear when trump learned of the pavement. But these new denials come as trump tries to clean up the damage made by another one of his attorneys earlier this week. Started hey guys. Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani dropping that bombshell on Fox News at trump repaint Colin for the 130000. Dollar hush agreement made to Daniels from will draw from and the present repaid. The next day from fat Deb Giuliani in a tweet. But by Friday he get a 180 and undercut Giuliani's claims. Great guy. Even standing behind those denials on Air Force One and now. They can't think you've got to take a look at what we said temples are disputed the impression Giuliani gave the payment to Daniels. Was intended to primarily benefit the campaign. Something legal analysts say could have violated campaign finance laws Kohn made it go away he did his job. Imagine if that came out on October 15 street and sixteenth in the middle of you know last debate would Hillary Clinton the next day Giuliani changing his tune with this statement. There is no campaign violation the payment was made to resolve a personal and false allegation in or to protect the president's family. It would have been done in any event whether he was candidate or not. Despite representing the president Giuliani admitting in the same statement that he wasn't informed about when trump knew about the Daniels payment. At the same time time gearing up for a political fight against special counsel Robert Mueller would today. Worldwide. When I look like these at a National Rifle Association rally in Texas. The president continued to hammer away quoting a Wall Street Journal op Ed that praised the judge she suggested Mueller was prosecuting former trump campaign manager Paul Mann of port. To get to trump the president calling the judge. Really something very special here from a human standpoint she's in peace and Chris. The president said again and he would love to sit down with smaller but there's changing legal strategy they're turning this into a political fight. Ahead of the midterm elections president trump had been I Dennis sign Robert Mueller a registered Republican with the Democratic Party. Dan Paula. Terror thank you so let's bring in ABC news' chief political analyst Matthew Dowd who. For changes with us on the set Oregon in the air slash DS it's Cinco De Mayo so I guess show up in New York City perfectly they mild marital sense but I. I like they're not Shannon think I. Happy to go to I have my luck the Moly and margaritas in New York say no we wouldn't talk about where we kind of bucks. Let me say it isn't so much talk right here let me just start by a headline that we haven't even touched on yet come from the Wall Street Journal this morning it says that during the height. Of the 2016 campaign president comes personal attorney Michael Cohen. Gained access to as much as 774000. Dollars through a series of personal transactions money that he apparently planned to use. Fix problems for his boss. What do you make of this. Well what have great they're keeps their keeps. And an erupting more and more smoke in this entire investigation everything from payments. To now this to that the idea that a right now in a fund set aside for more payments would we don't even know if there is others in this. And it continues to be there discovery is there fire here and now we're gonna find out and I think that that's what everybody is waiting on. Whether or not Bob Mueller other people would rather than investigating us. Are gonna discover whether there's fire here since the constant drip drip drip OK so we know from the poll numbers though that the stormy Daniels story isn't moving many don't really at all so. As we continue to cover this is it just noise or do you think there are political repercussions for the president. Well I think what we're now it is is this is like a trench warfare situation that we're in where each side has lined up it doesn't move more than an inch. Term supporters don't seem to adjust at all and that's an amazing part of this is the evangelical support is actually risen. In this as these revelations have come out. His evangelical supporters can has grown in this and so I don't think anything's gonna fundamentally change in this politically. Until the legal consequences of this unfold which is why that when Bob Mueller finally submits its report what happens there what happens in the southern district of New York with the investigation there. And the mid term elections those three things are really I think at this point in time the only things that can shake this fundamentally the. What we let you go hunt for brought amoled do and a half and battery and murder is the and the Kentucky Derby aggregate we executed immediately create yesterday busy day what. Yeah I'm silly my. His spirit back or politics work. I want to try to get back to politics watch me do this. It's their call Mary something this some great reporting by John Karl who says that basically did the president is gearing up for war we Robert Mueller and you can Whittle the strategy down to three words fight. Delay vilified do you think this is likely to work. You know there's an old quote that says if the facts are against you pound the law at the laws against you pound the facts and the facts and the law are against you pound the table and yellow lot and I think we're in the pound the table and yellow Lott's strategy in the midst of this. I think the president knows he has no control over what happens and what we learn about the facts he has no control fundamentally over what a judge is gonna do. What prosecutors are gonna do or the law and the only thing he knows he can't control is for his reaction to what he views. As his political opponents so I think we're gonna see more and more and more of this. Until finally the dam breaks and then we learn the regal legal ramifications of all us from what somebody officially does what you're gonna see it isn't going to be a political argument. Until the legal consequences that in. Interest in hurried out of the derby since may justify to break the Apollo curse colleges no big that not since 1882. Has a horse one that didn't run as a two year old and justify as one of those weary. Break break the Apollo curse love it we'll catch up again to the shepherd. Political analysis and so much more yeah. Whether you wanted to. Back again we only wanna make you very much Matt.

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{"id":54956618,"title":"New questions surrounding Trump's personal attorney","duration":"7:07","description":"Michael Cohen reportedly gained access to as much as $774,000 during Trump's campaign, which could be in violation of campaign finance and other laws.","url":"/GMA/News/video/questions-surrounding-trumps-personal-attorney-54956618","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}