Russian pop star behind Trump Tower meeting taunts investigators

Emin Agalarov dodged questions about his role in brokering what has become a key focus of the Russia investigation.
4:17 | 07/11/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Russian pop star behind Trump Tower meeting taunts investigators
Back now with the Russian pop star who sparked the notorious trump tower meeting with Russian nationals now a focusfcial couns Robert Mueller. Interviewed min agalarov yesterday after the release of his new music video a comic take on the probe B as you'll see agalarov is also waryf the serious questions raised by the investigation. ??? I wish yout least would be honored ??? Reporter: In his music video emga pokes fun at the entire rus investigation. Complete with actors playing Hillary Clinton, first daughter Ivanka Trump and the president hif ??? you got me good ??? Youm T be mocking the investigation going on the United States about Russian meddling in our election Well in T past year I've beenring my namen the news and the most ridicul craziest arios. So basically everything that I memorized I put a collage of video. Reporter: But while computers screens flash fake he played a Al role in setting up the 2016 trump tower meeting. Detailed in email from his publicist to donnromising information that would incraty clintonnd her dealings with Russia and would be useful your father says he instigated meaning. When I questioned him he was more circumspect. Why did you spellob goldstone to con don junior? There is a criminal investigation a think M than one. I think it would B inappropriate for me to comment on that. B you did, you didec ro goldstone to try to set up that meeting, correct? George, I don'think it's appropriate for me T comm wh was it so important to your father to have Thi mng set up? I have idea. It's probably a question you should ask my father. I knowou're trying -- I guess tot of have it both ways. Yout themotion your video but don't want to answer the questio why the video is getting schtention. What did you talk to don junio about at that time and do you knf he spoke with the president about this meeting I would know if he spoke with the president a I've spoken to don junior few times in my life over the phone and can't -- at this pan't recollecf don't even remember what year it is right now when a wt I have spoken to H T or four years ago. Y not answering because you fearome kind of legal Su N I'm not answeringply because it' investigate far as I know I think it's a criminalestigation invol the current president of the united St Have Y talked to Robert Mueller or F about that? Haven't. Now min is stayiut of the United States keeping him out of Mueller's reach Bute Andis father have had ties with trump going back T T miss universe pageant in Moscow. E agalarovs helped trump bring the pageant T Russia and that ar Donald Trump appeared in one of emin's videos. I'm really tired of you. You're fired. Reporter: It's also been reported on that trip you offe to sendomenp to Mr. P's hotel room. Is that true? No,pl untrue a mainly ihi it's important to remember that had 87 of the Mo beautifulomen in the world with him at the time. So he hadiss britai miss Australia, missaustria, miss usa, miss et cetera, et ce, et ca so I wouldn't even risk to offerthat. Seith Schiller, the president's bodyguardthe time said someone madehat offer. It wasn't you. It wasn'e O anyone I know. His dad is a billionaire. A real estate developer and emi did say he and hisad did talk about setting up a trump in Moscow between 2013 and 2016but nothi came of that and said had no O real estate dealings B he's in Moscow right there. I think he's very, very W of coming to thed states because then he might be quony Robert Mueller. He Hass video out and wants to talk about that B H doesn't want to answer some of th questions. Why put the video out ife doesn't want to say anything And it's definitely mocking it. He D not want to talk Robert Mueller. All right. Not many peopl do.

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{"duration":"4:17","description":"Emin Agalarov dodged questions about his role in brokering what has become a key focus of the Russia investigation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56505367","title":"Russian pop star behind Trump Tower meeting taunts investigators","url":"/GMA/News/video/russian-pop-star-trump-tower-meeting-taunts-investigators-56505367"}