Sean Hannity disputes Michael Cohen's claim he was a client

Cohen's lawyers made the assertion that Fox News host Sean Hannity was a client of Cohen, Trump's personal attorney, in a New York courtroom.
5:32 | 04/17/18

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Transcript for Sean Hannity disputes Michael Cohen's claim he was a client
That big sprise in court. Fox newshor Sean hannity named as one of the clien of prest trump's personal attorney michacohen.stormy Daniels also made an appearance inrt Kyra Phillips is here with the test. Kyra, the key question in courtroom was, would preside trump's attorneys get a first look at those documents seizeded in the FBI raid. Firyou saw the med circus outside the courtroom, inside the courtroom, no cam but we did have producers there and when Michael Cohen's attorneyad reveal that third clever the past year, thos the courtroomerally gaed when they heardhe name Sean hannity. The media wentolely insane. Reporteovert Sean hannity, the conservativox news host,ddressinghe surprise revelation that hs once the clientf president trump's lotime attorney Michael Cohen. There's B all kinds O wild speculation from the mainstream media today about me andsident trump's personal attorneymichael Cohen, after my name was mentioned in C as clohen's client related to FBI raids of H home, office a hotel room Michael Cohen never represented me in any legal matter. Never retains his services I never received a invoicer paid him for legal fees. I did have occasnal brief conversations wit Michael Cohen. To be absel clear T nevelv any tt any -- sorry to disappoin many- matter between me third par third group at all and my questions focused on real te. Reporter: President trump made a hard push for his legal team to riew Tse seized documents theudge is so far HOL off on that decision. Stormy Daniels front and center fo the court procs. Mttney and I are coted to making sure that everyone finut the truth and the facts of what hdnd I give my word that we will not rest until that has. Reporter: During the hearing, the Ju demanded to know the names of Cohen's threelients in addition tots Donald Trump and Republican fund-er Elliott broidy who paid a "Playboy" model $1.6 million to keep silentut an affair.cohen's attorney mentioned the thirie wished to R anonymous. After back and forth hannity wasnamed. Frequent guest Alan Dershowitz admonished the host forailing to disclose his relationship with Cohen on the air. I way that I really think that sho have disclosed Y relnship with Cohen when you talked a him show. Ou were I a tough position E, had Toal about Cohen and, youidn't want the fact that you had SP him T be revealed and Yo the right, the way, not toave you identity -- Itch the rig to privacy. Derowlso blasting the raid saying I could O the attorney/clienprivileg ev day I am asked how fracture michaelen will G to protect president trump and does he S represent the presid yes, he still represents the president and on record saying he will do anything to prote Mr. Trump. I saw you reaction too with the Dershowitz interview. 'S how everybody was. I mean the fact on the program andoing right after hannit Confronting head-on. Morerom Dan Abrams. Let's start out with this hannity thing. It's hard to reallynow how and where it fits into case. the one Han have Michael Cohen saying he's one O my three clients, that's it. There are just three clients you need to know about and he's one of them tnou have Sean hannity saying he was never my lawyer. I nevaid him. I never rnedhi et cetera. So my guess is it's somewhere in this kin of inetween world meaning heeraid him, he never Reta him, but he was getting legal counsel from him E way, shape or form Beuse otherwise, youow, mil Cohen's lawyer't being honest with the court. Reer, is not the media that P Sean hannity in this position. It's Mel Cohen's lawyer who put him in this position. Courtas actually dealing with quite serious yesterday, the esident's attorneys had gone in sayin want to look at these documents in the raid first to ma sure T weren't privileged.the judge basicallyd no, at least not F W. His is any/client ilege question. The on is now that the raid has happened, who gets to look at the documents T? And typically and, again, this happen, meaning lawyers' offices E raided and there's a specific pcol that's in place that has beenadhered to here and what happes you have a team of prosecutors who are not work on the investigation who go in and determinf sometng is privileged then that does to the inveors. What Cohen's team is saying we toe those people -- Trump's team wl. Trump and Cohen, right. Saying we wantbe the ones to go I the andive that first look at the ments,he judge said, no,ut is wng a week or so to letm gather everything, put it onto database then come back it to person. Outside lawyer to comein. Exactly. Dan abrams,nks very . We want to tell you STO niels is G to be gg ab usive intew to "The view" at 11:00 eastern. Of course, president trump

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{"id":54522435,"title":"Sean Hannity disputes Michael Cohen's claim he was a client ","duration":"5:32","description":"Cohen's lawyers made the assertion that Fox News host Sean Hannity was a client of Cohen, Trump's personal attorney, in a New York courtroom.","url":"/GMA/News/video/sean-hannity-disputes-michael-cohens-claim-client-54522435","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}