Severe storms tear across the country

Four tornadoes reportedly touched down in Kansas while intense rain and lightning left nearly 100,000 people without power in the Washington, D.C., area.
2:59 | 05/15/18

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Transcript for Severe storms tear across the country
First those severe storms on the move. Take a look at this photo. Lightning hitting the nation's capital overnight. Knocking out power for tens of thousands in D.C. David Kerley is in takoma park, Maryland, where that caused some serious damage. Good morning, David. Reporter: Good morning. These were really strong storms. Talking about wind, rain and lightning and you can see it struck this roof in takoma park and caused quite a fire. 70 firefighters basically had to empty out that attic to get the blaze out this. All part of a string of storms across the country. In Kansas, four reported tornadoes touching down. In Colorado, hail helping transform this river into rushing rapids. Here in the nation's capital, all that rain creating flash floods and the severe winds more than 60 miles an hour causing problems too. The storm whipping through neighborhoods and a tornado warning at dulles airport forcing passengers into this underground tunnel. Wow. Reporter: The roads in and out of the airport deluged. Lightning lighting up the capitol. Falling trees making roads treacherous. In reston, Virginia, a tree slices right through this home. It's always been a fear of living in this neighborhood. Reporter: Hundreds taking shelter where they could in nearby businesses. Got people coming into our store in the Starbucks nearby saying like can we just sit in here and like be safe? Reporter: More than 100,000 without power at its peak, two-thirds have it back this morning.s house in takoma park, Maryland, more than 70 firefighters called in to help put out a blaze started by lightning and further north in Frederick a man in critical condition after his house was struck by lightning too. So not surprisingly this family has been displaced as can you see their here on the ground. President trump flew to see the first lady last night. The storm was so bad he had to motorcade back to the white house. I mean, this was a lot of wind and rain. Thunder throughout the night too, Michael. Thank you so much for that, David. And that severe weather is on the move heading northeast, Virginia, New York and ma alert. Ginger has been tracking the system. Good morning, ginger. Good morning, Michael. That is just the thing. We've shown you what it can do. What it already has done and where it will be today. So there's no need to duck into a Starbucks because you're going to know ahead of time the area that has to look ahead. Kansas, this was one of the six reported tornadoes from Kansas to Florida and tornadoes could again happen today because we've got this long stationary/coal and warm front with several pulses of energy. Low pressure systems and it spins in the upper atmosphere that bring a Rick for northeast Pennsylvania including Scranton through Springfield included, Hartford, Connecticut and stretches down to D.C. Again so damaging wind and hail but that isolated tornado possible. Robin. Always, all right, ginger. Overseas to another day of

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{"id":55170399,"title":"Severe storms tear across the country","duration":"2:59","description":"Four tornadoes reportedly touched down in Kansas while intense rain and lightning left nearly 100,000 people without power in the Washington, D.C., area.","url":"/GMA/News/video/severe-storms-tear-country-55170399","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}