Possible sighting reported of cardiologist murder suspect

Police swarmed a Houston-area home after a neighbor thought they spotted Joseph Pappas, a suspect in the murder of Dr. Mark Hausknecht.
1:59 | 08/03/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Possible sighting reported of cardiologist murder suspect
Now out of the manhunt under way for the killer of that prominent Houston doctor overnight police searching the suspect's former home. After they were alerted tweak possible sighting of Joseph pop as. This as we learn new details about his past ABC's Marcus Moore is there in Houston markets were also learning. What he did just days before the shooting. That Amy that that's right records show that Pappas gave this home away to a family friend. Before the murder and this morning the hunt for that 62 year old suspect. It's still law. Overnight a massive manhunt under way for Joseph Pappas the man accused of gunning down prominent cardiologist doctor mark house connect on his bike in broad daylight law enforcement swarming this Houston area home. Which was owned by Pappas and after a neighbor thought they saw him. When police arrived they found the gate open but no one home. Just days before the murder Pappas had beaten the home which he lived in for decades tool woman from Ohio. Telling her he had terminal cancer police believe Pappas may have killed house connect who once treated former president George H. W. Bush as an act. Act of revenge or his mother died during surgery one that tips include the fact that. The suspect's mother was a patient of the doctor. And died during surgery. Over twenty years ago investigators have been on the hunt for Pappas a man who spent three decades in law enforcement. Most recently serving as a reserve officer in Harris County investigators say Pappas drew their attention after they received a tip. Date after the murder surveillance feels appear to show a man police say is Pappas. Following the 65 year old doctor on a bicycle before allegedly passing house connect an opening Bonner. Then riding away on the ten speed bike police believe he's been using to get around ever since. And the authorities have been canvassing this entire city for any sign a Pappas. Who police have described as armed and dangerous but also suicidal. He's been missing now for several days Sicilian OK Marcus thank you.

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{"duration":"1:59","description":"Police swarmed a Houston-area home after a neighbor thought they spotted Joseph Pappas, a suspect in the murder of Dr. Mark Hausknecht.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57008349","title":"Possible sighting reported of cardiologist murder suspect","url":"/GMA/News/video/sighting-reported-cardiologist-murder-suspect-57008349"}