Southwest passengers recall horror of deadly flight

Marty Martinez and Peggy Phillips describe the scene aboard Flight 1380 as it was forced to make an emergency landing
6:24 | 04/18/18

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Transcript for Southwest passengers recall horror of deadly flight
Two passengers who were on the marnez now joins us here. First all, our hearts go out to everybody that W onrd and especy Jennifer's familyde STA with you, first. Know you're back home Dallas, 20 minutes into the flight something goes horribly wrong. Tell us WHA you experienced? Yes, itterrifying. There was andibly loud noise and the plane started aking like I've never experienced before. And I think we all knew at THA point that somethias terrib wrong. The oxygen masks dropped doubt out of the compartment a we all assisted each other tryin to getur masks on and helping people the ais and I noticed at the that there was gentn, a young man who was hel --E was out of his seat with his off helping O people and notid him because it was just --T was song I wasn't reallyexpectin I kind of had him pd for probably some sort of mical personnel but I didn't kno that for sure. And know a this progressed and we did have the incident hind us, I saw him go down the aisle very, very quickly and I turned around T fig out what exactly W goi on and there were lot the fl attendant we there, the Jim and Andrea, the emt was the I did not know thesituation att time. I wasn' sure what. And we tend to go okay there's a lot of people back E, I N't want to go back and theuation any worse crowding things. And --UT T minute they say weee someone who knows cp got uand went B took off my oxygenask and began cpr imdi and I ran cpr. He was the emt. And he was just the most your GE yng man and I think we had a lf -- don't consider myself aero by a stretch but the were heroen THA plane and I was just doing my job. Drew was doing his job. You'reeing - you're very kind but I mea everyboho jumped in such as youelf and others doing WVER could be done and, y,he Rea we know so much of what happened that flight, you know, some peopleeeachingor their phones and trying to sen you reached for your top and youent FACEBK live. Yeah. T thinking there? Mmediately I knew something wagoing Ong, you know, between the first explosionhat I heard and oxygenng deployed then I heardth loudort of boom and T was the window going out and once it started shaking violently, you know, it's everyone's worst fear, you know, at the back your mind we've all flown be and you feel turbulencen thack of your mind you always his T way I'm going to go and the M oftentimes U get T your place safely and all ld think in that moment was, I need to communicate with my loved ones and it was just very instinct wall foreo think of -- get wi-fi and as everyone was pu the oxygen mask I was reachin for laptop and ink Abo this, you know, I don't know how many minutes I had left I dn't know whether it would W and I'm frantically looking for credit card and trying to inhe credit card number so that could speak to the ou world and then I came to men where I had wi-fi and then T be put in that position where I to figure out what loved ones I was going to reach out to and what oer and what do I tell them and I just GHT, how C I reach people en masse? And I immediately T of Facebook live and I tht this is -- these are my last F moments on Earth want peopl to know what hapdnd it S just the most terrifying exce. I can only imagine and when you'red to brace the landing and then youll are on the ground, inowhat the pilot W is tammyo Shults who I believe is for fighter T and everybody on board just wanted to give her high praise INT did. Oh, absolu. I think, you know WHE we were instructed to braceyourse, you know, from a veric voice, brace yourself brace yourself, I look out of my window a I see the city that very foreio, I didn't -- didn't look like new York City, I waslike, where could we possible landing? And iad N idea if we -- I felt like I could touch the T of, you know, the skysapers inphilly. What I now know to be phi and I kept thinking where could possiblye landing, you know, are W csh Landi in, you know, downtown Phil? Are we landing on a fry, runway? And that was a terrifyg experi. I dn't know how hard it was going to. Nd then for her to come and hugging like that a I glad you drove here fromphilly. U didn't fly, but, Peggy Phillips, you flew home. They're telling to wraput E of getting on the flight and goingomhat is it like toe up next morning after experieing somethingik this,peggy? You know, the whole thing was little surreal, you know, my training was awesome a it did what I do and kick in. I did what needed toe done, what anytered nurseould do. Orning waking up, I can't Y at ilept very well last T, I'm sure most passengers did no sleep very well last night. I'm terribly, sorry for the family. My hearts out to them. Yes, nnifer. But I'm so proud of my fel engers and the flight crew and the pilot Well, bless your heart. M glad you're homand, Marty, thank you for being here as ll. N, we're thinking of everybody that was on bod, especially Jennifer and the seven people were injured. Thank you. Thank you, both

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{"duration":"6:24","description":"Marty Martinez and Peggy Phillips describe the scene aboard Flight 1380 as it was forced to make an emergency landing","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54550534","title":"Southwest passengers recall horror of deadly flight","url":"/GMA/News/video/southwest-passengers-recall-horror-deadly-flight-54550534"}