Tamika Hamilton could become the only Black Christian Republican woman in Congress

There are currently no Black Republican women in Congress, but Tamika Hamilton wants to change that.
17:42 | 10/28/20

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Transcript for Tamika Hamilton could become the only Black Christian Republican woman in Congress
When I hit the stereotype that black woman a black people to simply vote Democrat I mean it's just simply. Not true overall self. We are about to go walk the precincts so you guys are gonna see as an accident going door to dealer. He lets get this and one of it begins distinguishing marks of Republicans here in northern California is an American flag. Place. If them. It's extra credit to stay. We're literally going to go up and down but when. But is diving designed. Bluntly like social media site that's all in all part of campaigns because they see. Big following for candidates play the thing that wins races it is. At door to door. Property if you aren't. So so we came to the gate. I was. A threat. Okay. If that agent and that this is just listening campaign to different than acts of soliciting. A noun that's. Okay but you know either that. How many. So it does stopped about a president added. Soliciting is that the same is campaigning. And wanting I'm not gonna do not an argue with anyone in need every vote and am I gave her when my door hangers and as you know we look it's okay with Imke. Not a big deal not then of the world. And whenever that. What houses we haven't. The name looks a hit will makes event mailed its of them so. I'll dead now aunts the next thing and assisting people are surprised to see about running for congress. To fix it. As a black woman it's been. It's an interesting because you know wants couldn't get to know me they'll like. A lot like this since this is different and we can come together and we Kenyon of like we can truly do this and let's admit has the primary I think people to set okay. This is of real deal let's go. We can't believe me it's not just ask ages. Given the act and did nothing today accidentally as he didn't. Republicans. Press sees things need to be freed a CD why do you wanna do win. Also upholds the values that this country was found upon. I I. Yeah I was so busy yeah and we just and the rest of busy place. Does support this is so significant in this race has been grassroots. People that have come together to have never done anything politically have been behind me a 1000%. And have used. So much to bear it enough influence to help me win this race. The pharmacist and since I remember people telling me that a final was not vote for a black woman. And I basically live and it and you then. Melissa virus they've been my biggest support it. Here. Yeah yeah. Okay. Supplies to be able to have what what sort of modest abilities really important care industry experience and making tax cuts for the middle class. So we're on our way to pacing. Just began. Yeah. Yeah. Any of the lane and turning to eat. Even in telling us. In each cancer. On where are you. Eight where batch of them but what about looking at you. Now alone can. Come see it really could claim. I am a Christian woman I'm nondenominational. And might just believe in having a relationship with Jesus. He authoritarian engage in more than any woman staffed with very little. I'm he then. Indeed carrying it along with. Millions of other. Who knows is praying about it but Lincoln play yes please yes it's different. Look. GRE no we need before we ask. Look I speak right now that every. Every person SP stuff from here on. Every person that is looking at her charts. Every person that is getting ready to take their clinical about. Taking this. Cancer out of her lawyer that they have earned. Hard in the best intentions and they have all the skills and they have and an Internet lawyer Dave day. That they did the best stuff that they can't for our friend. Some people have mentors and they have people they look up to an I didn't really have that. And so my faith and god has really like out of me to make. Some of the decisions that have gotten me to this point. I'm just so grateful that paying had. I was shown this faith in as a young child. Saliva that the this is that took my first campaign picks. With higher resigned. Like literally have no money. And it took a very since that's. Licences. Apathy huge problem here in California we have the highest. Homeless population in the nation in the highest. Homeless veteran population in the nation and seeing Hamas fencing anyone homeless. Is two lead Tennessee. And so I wanted to everything I can support the that in a sense of what those that has been struggling. Game many of them. It's another it's nice. One thing. Keeping units. Wow this is nothing like it was going to be that price index in other the apple. And it was women have crohn's in the Atlanta. This is I get up at me and that close of business. My hand. It's side. Did somebody and it does not work. And it's we have put hands. I don't Wear it doesn't that pretty lady you don't think she's on my. When things that was really dead set on is having a small town feel for my children. Ants updates and provide you know book that look howdy between the city and then being able to just have a quite neatly thing and that's hiker. Yes so it isn't it. Well. An entity that is open picnic at. My mom. While she was in my life my campaigns rates me. The parity with hard work it was always hardware goes I was making shapely young wait. It was dollars and agency complete nine American school in that you're successful and they had a plane when you. 1018. Them. We're what. It. It. So my immediate family had been villains supported my husband has been amazing and just. Really just. Done everything he could to support this race my way. Grandmother has since passed which passing by we for the primary and my mother is listening. And it was finance had a conversation my father and where it's changed. But then I talked to him almost a year about it his was to it Democrat public. Well it's okay. You know it's there's a lot of mixed feelings that has something like that completely up talking to me. It's disheartening vacated its they know me. Gains. For them to news just simply. All of the things via our Hispanic name in the town lake Republicans like these that in Africa went with the value that we had. And it's just it's really by the supply. I think agree. What is a lead to anonymous real easy to. That you're doing it. And it isn't. So my famous parentage is twelve my husband that he is lack of light and my side is you know I'd Wear black. You know some family members are from this though. And Australia and those kinds of background thing for blank and but we all have our different shades. Brain he is a piece office and here in California. And done he's been a police officer for the past decade before that he was in another thing. Mean they must meet Sunday. But he herbal them. Given Philip. Being a police officer in this time is made difficult. And you think he's one of the good guys. And once in a dishonest clintons just needs Shaq to stay really even in just really knew who was supporting. This profession because people need him any good police officers the new one of them. Major problems. Wouldn't let him. Well no one's perfect in any profession you have that police officers she had sent people in the military there's still some good guys out there. And he's one of them minutes so many others like him. On both sides of my family. My grandfathers were in the military wing. A day but came of age it was like puberty gonna do and back a political accidental Tate. But my grandfathers or really really really adamant about me mr. active night going to hire me feel like snow. Phillips and (%expletive) Self. Games. Care act. His activities. I think. They're giving me that we just an EU farm. So this movie and it just sit and reacting got. With the unit that there you are paying. Thing. The name on the U just make me. At. I was named to the military about a year end. And I got pregnant with my first son. And I was pulled in about my superiors I have. Illicit officer. And he. He told me that I had a lot of potential in. That he thought that it would be better if I had an abortion. And we never had a conversation before that there was never any talk about me. I'm taken a left my child. And I was actually shocked and I. At a know what to think but. He told me that know what ever known that I was going to do great things and that this was just something that he felt. I should do because it's I had a bright future ahead of me. But. I didn't listen to him. And and soak up that I did it. But these are some of the thing that can happen to you and being in a militant being a woman. But I made a decision to have my baby. And he sixteen years old Allen he's beautiful island he's so Smart and I'm just so grateful to god that I had that. The strength until like keep going because people thought I was stupid for having a baby and it's funny. In the military in in Germany. But I think and and I would never take effect anything in the world. Oh. I got so we'd I have to get ready renovated and tonight the rally in Solana. And here Dixon and Dan C doesn't. Men and three years ago. I just. Then just. Like everything about it. Okay. Looking about a mechanism of different. Because our. I and I have to be honest with his. Our current president some Thompson's rhetoric can be total loss of its songs with some Likud is the person they can bring unity and join people together. And because this. Some reason. The a the greatest nation in the world you know good or bad and different then nothing is perfect. But. I would rather be unionization in the world would be able to be a woman running for office like this summer and be able to be a black woman reading for the fitness and being a mom. You know and so I. When I mean think about patriotism and being an American like this is the American Jane Reid. Yeah. Let alone its. It is where. The people who showed up for me because I set up for them being able to do that freely. And to fight for that since that's what followed by. Just to Mika. And downed animal platform and that's really trying to so that we can bring this nation back again. Yeah. Oh and we're.

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{"duration":"17:42","description":"There are currently no Black Republican women in Congress, but Tamika Hamilton wants to change that.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73870719","title":"Tamika Hamilton could become the only Black Christian Republican woman in Congress","url":"/GMA/News/video/tamika-hamilton-black-christian-republican-woman-us-house-73870719"}