Tornado threat sweeps the Midwest

ABC News Senior Meteorologist Rob Maricano tracks the major storm that created five confirmed tornadoes on Thursday.
2:02 | 03/15/19

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Transcript for Tornado threat sweeps the Midwest
determine whether what happened to the aircraft and that cause could still be a while. Destroying homes, rob is here with the latest. Went through pa duke kachlt one of ten reported yesterday and severe weather across parts of the south. This was associated with that bomb cyclone. We had two surges of severe storms one late morning and one as the storm set. Overnight, reported tornadoes hitting America's heartland leaving significant damage behind. A confirmed tornado in southeast Michigan, uprooting trees and tearing through cinder block walls. Damaging dozens of homes. One man barely making it to safety. Sounded like a train was going right by you and lasted five seconds and was gone. Reporter: Another woman inside her home when it hit. Had to climb over everything, the entire ceiling was caved in on the floor,he couches were all pushed up into the kitchen where we were. Climbing over all that, the glass, the roof. Reporter: In the south this drone video revealing the damage in allgood, Alabama. Wicked storms causing mammoth trees to topple over onto streets. Torrential rains blinding motorists. Students the Jacksonville university urged to take shelter. A confirmed ef-2 tornado ripping through paducah, Kentucky, with peak winds of 125 miles per hour completely ripping off the roof of this church. Inside, 40 preschool children and their instructors, thankfully none of them injured. That is good news there. This all on the warm side of that cyclone, also on the warm side a lot of melting snow and heavy rain leading to this across much of Iowa. The rivers there in null flood zone and eastern parts of Nebraska as well and just outside Green Bay the east river in 12 hours look how quickly it we could have a similar situation in northern New York and northern new England as the system pushes through. Thanks. We turn to that growing list of Democrats hoping to take on

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{"duration":"2:02","description":"ABC News Senior Meteorologist Rob Maricano tracks the major storm that created five confirmed tornadoes on Thursday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61705748","title":"Tornado threat sweeps the Midwest","url":"/GMA/News/video/tornado-threat-sweeps-midwest-61705748"}