Toronto Raptors GM hit with misdemeanor charges

Masai Ujiri is accused of shoving and hitting a California sheriff's deputy while trying to join his players on the court after his team won the NBA Finals in Oakland.
2:27 | 06/15/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Toronto Raptors GM hit with misdemeanor charges
We move to an investigation into what happened moments after the Toronto raptors clinched their first NBA championship. Law enforcement, this morning, looking into a brief confrontation between the raptors president of basketball operations and a police officer who was working at the game. ABC's Zachary kiesch is here with more on the video from right after the confrontation. Zachary, good morning. Reporter: Dan, good morning to you as well. You know, from my view at home, it looked like a storybook ending, the team up north beat the best team in the NBA but police say there was action away from the ball involving the team president and general manager of the raptors. We the north are now we the champions. Reporter: The Toronto raptors made history when they knocked off the defending champs Thursday in Oakland winning their first NBA championship. But this morning, the man considered the architect of that team, president of basketball operations, masai ujiri, is being investigated by police for battery after they say he allegedly shoved a police officer as he made his way to the court to celebrate. We wanted to win in Toronto and we have won in Toronto. Yeah. Reporter: In this video you can see ujiri being held back. We don't see exactly what happened leading up to it. Police have not released any video of the alleged assault but the Alameda county sheriff's office did tell ABC news Mr. Ujiri did not have credentials on the court per NBA policy and he shoved an officer twice. We chose not to arrest him at the time but we will submit a complaint of battery on an officer. Photos show the team president with what appeared to be credentials. A warriors season ticket holder says he was standing next to the officer but he also says reports of ujiri striking an officer in the face aren't true. There was no blows, no punches. I can only tell you what I saw which was right in front of me. Reporter: Earlier in the series warriors minority owner mark Stevens shoved raptors player Kyle Lowry after he dove for a loose ball. The NBA responded by banning Stevens from games through next year. The NBA says they are aware and working with both the team and law enforcement on this issue. Might be the first time that a team president trying to get down to celebrate has gotten into this kind of situation. Yeah. A lot of people want to see video evidence, the actual incident. Because with the chaos on the court, people are rushing and anything could happen down

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"Masai Ujiri is accused of shoving and hitting a California sheriff's deputy while trying to join his players on the court after his team won the NBA Finals in Oakland. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63732403","title":"Toronto Raptors GM hit with misdemeanor charges","url":"/GMA/News/video/toronto-raptors-gm-hit-misdemeanor-charges-63732403"}