Trump's military exercises pledge sparks concern

President Trump's surprise pledge to suspend U.S. military exercises with South Korea has sparked concern and confusion at home and abroad.
1:52 | 06/13/18

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Transcript for Trump's military exercises pledge sparks concern
what it means so let's bring in Martha Raddatz to broaden out the conversation and talk about the military exercises. First a lot of confusion. We have the wind blowing. A lot of confusion over exactly what will be suspended for how long and whether we're going to continue to work with the south Korean. Exactly. The Pentagon and secretary of defense Jim Mattis may say they weren't surprised by the announcement but they clearly don't know the details because U.S. Forces in South Korea said we have not gotten any updated guidance and there's another big exercise scheduled for August, so does that shut down? They just don't know. You can't just stop military training. You can never traffic stop military training and I think that's the distinction they'll draw. These massive exercises with South Korea, maybe they'll move them further away but you can't stop training. I've been to those bases many times. The motto is ready to fight tonight and that's pretty much the motto of all of the military. You have to do bombing runs. The president talked about that. They fly all the way toguam. What a waste of money. You have to stay trained in those aircraft in all those jobs you do in the military, so I suspect there's going to be a scaling back or moving it someplace else or, oh, these war games, we'll call these the war game, we may stop those, but you can't stop everything. As the president said the U.S. Troops in South Korea aren't going anywhere right now. This line from the north Korean, Jon, that the president committed to lifting sanctions. That goes directly against what the secretary of state has said. Absolutely and what the white house is doing is referring back to the joint communique which says nothing about lifting sanctions. The president was asked again about this and he said they need to first take those steps towards denuclearization, in fact, the argument -- what they've been saying is they have to fully denuclearize because they get any released.

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{"id":55857064,"title":"Trump's military exercises pledge sparks concern","duration":"1:52","description":"President Trump's surprise pledge to suspend U.S. military exercises with South Korea has sparked concern and confusion at home and abroad.","url":"/GMA/News/video/trumps-military-exercises-pledge-sparks-concern-55857064","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}