Vacationers stranded in Mexico after airline cancels flights

Hundreds of vacationers are stuck in Mexico after a spring snow storm grounded their flights on Sun Country Airlines back to the United States.
2:51 | 04/17/18

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Transcript for Vacationers stranded in Mexico after airline cancels flights
Now that spring break disaster hundreds of vacationers stranded in Mexico there airline canceling flights back home because of that spring snowstorm. In the midwest and since those routes are done for the season. Passengers are scrambling to find a way back home ABC's Peter pilgrim is here with us workforce good morning Eva. Good morning rod talk got a vacation nightmare the Department of Transportation is investigating the situation but here's the deal. Yeah isn't required to get to another plane or flight or even a hotel room. And this morning days later some Tebow are still trying to get how. Stranded hundreds of vacationers stuck in Mexico. After a spring break snowstorm grounded their flights back to the United States Europe I asked. An April blizzard forced sun country airlines to cancel forty flights in out of their Minneapolis hub this weekend but instead of re booking passengers on a new flight the airline telling customers in an email. Because of cancellation is due to weather and are seasonal service has ended you will need to make arrangements on another airline for your return flight. Thomas great. In light says feeling here there's no way out is scary especially when you're with kids. The big problem sun country only operate limited to seasonal flights to Mexico does canceled flights were the final one of the sees it. The next scheduled flights not until June. Sheet our money today. We expected it right at our customers other passengers. Two days and almost 2000 dollars later. And they can burglar and only made it as far as the knicks by Monday night. After trying for several hours they finally managed to get tickets home to Minneapolis. Overnight. Sun country telling ABC news. Our fleet was already allocated to why other operations. And and fortunately we were unable to send additional aircraft without canceling more flights causing further disruptions to more of our past. The first thing I would do it is complained to the DOT I would also. Look at some of the sites that go to bat for consumers. When there's a problem like this they will charge your feet and they will go to the airliner try to sue them. Odd under various laws. Now the airline is offering a passengers refunds on their tickets they say that refund could take. Up to seven days to cross I think to move. What do you do when and it's it's really only can you really candy was complain make a lot of noise online and stuff like that and there is just makes you write and it doesn't think of the Montreal convention that governs international flights so you could. Take them to court and sue for up to 5700 dollars in your losses that you have to go to court with a whole year you are not so what do you do you have another Pina colada. Snow wouldn't pay that fit.

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{"id":54522524,"title":"Vacationers stranded in Mexico after airline cancels flights","duration":"2:51","description":"Hundreds of vacationers are stuck in Mexico after a spring snow storm grounded their flights on Sun Country Airlines back to the United States.","url":"/GMA/News/video/vacationers-stranded-mexico-airline-cancels-flights-54522524","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}