Video shows student's close call with out-of-control car

A sharp-eyed school bus driver was credited with preventing what could have been a tragedy.
2:16 | 10/12/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Video shows student's close call with out-of-control car
the moment her life flashed before her eyes when she came close to getting hit by a car. A sharp-eyed school bus driver getting the credit for preventing what could have been a tragedy and ABC's Zachary kiesch joins us with more. Good morning to you Zachary. Good morning to you as well. A warning to drivers and a plea to pay attention. This could have gone completely a different way. The man behind the wheel of that car, you see, barreling down the street and headed towards that girl blamed the incident on brake issues. Reporter: This morning watch this terrifying footage as a little girl walks off the school bus. Come here, come here, honey, come here. Reporter: Captured on surveillance video, this fifth grade girl Emma steps off the bus for a brief second before rushing back on as an out-of-control car speeds by. I actually came in and started crying because I knew that what could have happened didn't happen if my bus driver didn't call me back in. Reporter: The driver crossed the wrong side of the street jumping the curb and speeding down the sidewalk right into the girl's path. Come here, come here. Reporter: That voice is the bus driver Sharyn macklin screaming to get the girl's attention. She was getting off the bus and I happened to see this car fly around another car that was waiting for the bus to go. When she stepped off the last step, I screamed honey come back, come back. Reporter: This morning Emma's mother is urging other people to be more careful. Just be cautious of other people's kids. You know, they may not be your own but they're somebody's and somebody loves them and wants them to be around. I just did my job. We have to look out and be prepared for whatever is going to happen. Reporter: Police in Bedford found that driver and charged him with reckless operation. The driver told police he was having brake issues. He was able to get the car home safely and parked the car safely. So there's no credence that he didn't have brakes. Reporter: Now, experts encourage communication between bus drivers and students and nonverbal cues like eye contact before crossing the street or in this case yelling at the girl to get back on the bus. Bottom line for the rest of us, you got to slow down and pay attention. I relate to what the driver said, once you have kids, I think whit would understand this you're scanning -- Head on a swivel. Thank you, Zachary.

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{"duration":"2:16","description":"A sharp-eyed school bus driver was credited with preventing what could have been a tragedy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66228522","title":"Video shows student's close call with out-of-control car","url":"/GMA/News/video/video-shows-students-close-call-control-car-66228522"}