Woman punched by officer on beach speaks out

Emily Weinman, 20, who was restrained and punched by New Jersey police officers, reacts to prosecutors' decision to not bring charges against the officers.
5:54 | 06/06/18

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Transcript for Woman punched by officer on beach speaks out
that violent beach St. A young mother punched B a police officer and ndcuffed in front of her daughter and osecutors say the officers will face criminal charges. We'll speak with that Y mom in a moment. But firc's gio Benitez has the story. Good morning. Reporter: Yeah,t headline, prosecutors say the actions of officers weren't cral. Thatowiral video, more than 7 Mon people have already seen it it sparkedan intse online.some siding W the officers. Others with the young woman. As the vlent memorial day weekre caught onera. Stop. Reporter:nnbehgoers watching as anicer in wildwood, new jersey,le 20-year-old Emily Weinman to the ground her 1-year-old baby nearby. Police say the incident escalated when they spottedhe young mother with a bottlef alcohol on the beach. They asked the underage woman to take breathalyzer test which she says she passed. Cam video swing what happened next. I'll give you one more cha to give me your las name. You're not going to lock me up. You can't lock me up. I didn' disrespect you. What's your name. You don't need M name. That's it. I'm done wit you. GE over here. Don't touch me. Ou're AUT to get dropped. Reporter: Pe say as they tried to arrest her Weinman struck one of the officers. Don't pull my hair, get off me. Reporter: The officers who re tempo smer hires restining her. One seen pin her twice the head. He just hit me. You' notllowed to beat me like that Reporter: Weinman's attorney calling incident an ive use of force but policetially saying while they found the video to be alarming, they didn't want to rush to judgment. They may not have some of the experi that the rest of our guys do but do our best to train them proper Reportehiorning county prosecutors revealing the officers will not face criminal chges saying the actions of E arresting officers did not warrant criminal charges. Charges against Weinman inclu resisting arrest,ra assault and assaulting a police officer byspitting. And whilehe oer won't be criminally charged they are still under a internal investigation by their department.police tell us they are on administrative duty until that investion is complete. Amy. Emily Weinman and her attorney Stephen dicht are here now. Welcome and thanks for being wis. No problem. I want to ask Y Abo the video. We all wat it. It'sdibly diflt to see. Tell me W you're doing. Were you injured at all? Yes.my neck and my back hurting a lot morece after the incident. I had a headache forust lik a day, you ow. It's been more like emotionally exhausting for me Take us through what happen did the officers tell you W they were there in T first plan how did things escalate so quickly? T didn't tell me why they were there but it wa pretty obvious. You know, why they were there -- There was an open container alcohol. It was sealed but there was alcohol open on the beach- well notpen on the beach, but, you know, in the open. Soy came out. They asked how O was. I gave my age. You're 20. Ye I'm 20 years old. Did T breathalyzer test. Botheack negative. And then aft that I mean they wouldn't leave and it just escalated toha point to where they wand to lock me up because I wouldn'tive them my name because I didverything they said to do. Why wn't you give them your name. I didn't see poi in it. Something in M G was telling me --T -- something wasn't right with the situati and I just knew iny rights that I didn't H to give T my name du thing that they did, cooperated and like I said I didverything they asked. Would menti Y're on probation for a 2016 arrest. Yes, I am. Did that have anything to do the reason W you didn't give them yourname. No, not mainly, no. Police S that you struck the officer when he went to handcuff you. Did U? No, I didn't. Andn the officers say you kicked them and spat at them I'm not sure about the cking part. I mean if anything that afr the fact,fter I got attacked by the officer. But thepi thing, when he smd my head into the ground ot sandn my mouth so when got me on my stomach, know, after I W like struggling for trying to defend myself, I spithe sand in my mouth which me look like I was spitting at theic that wasn't the case and it definitely wt my intention at all. Mily is now facing serious charges, though, including aggraved assault on a police officer, so W does it go from here. E'esting Thi about that. The saturdayhehe was taken intocustody, she was in cus total of a 4mites. It wasn't long at all. She wasen in, she was chged with miemeanors. After the by video came out and start getting attentiot's when they charged her with the aggravated assault. Thhen they piled on. K about the emoal action toll of this. You have been all over the internet. It Hase online and gone ral and in a prettyounding way. What's it like fo U. I've beenanxious, K of set. Negativehings that people say about me, you know,se see one video, ouation and they're like saying all Thi - yoknow, all this negative St about person but action doesn't define someone.I'ad person. I'm not this person they're out hereing Toake me seem like. All thes the mayor said about her, she didn't G out that Saturday looking for trouble. Not at all, no. She went te fun time on the beach withergh and it -- they're the police officers. We will be following your case appreciate your time thismog, and Mr. Dicht. Nk you for having us.

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{"duration":"5:54","description":"Emily Weinman, 20, who was restrained and punched by New Jersey police officers, reacts to prosecutors' decision to not bring charges against the officers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55686640","title":"Woman punched by officer on beach speaks out","url":"/GMA/News/video/woman-punched-officer-beach-speaks-55686640"}