A New Way for Family Planning

Cindy and Kemry Hughes had a fairy tale wedding. Their beloved family and close friends surrounded them.

The Washington couple say they had a full and wonderful life together but they still felt there was one thing missing -- a child.

"We really love each other," Cindy said. "We have a good time. But I think both of us would like to see a little something in the middle."

After a few months of trying, the Hugheses decided to go on a procreation vacation -- a new trend in travel that is a romantic three-day getaway designed for romance, relaxation and reproduction.

Even though Cindy thought it looked novel and exciting, she wondered what others would think.

"Being raised as a proper young lady, you're not supposed to publicize that you're doing anything," she said. "It did feel kind of funny, and I did start becoming kind of paranoid."

The couple went to the Westin Grand Bahama Island Resort, just one of many hotels that understand wannabe parents need some special attention.

There are couples massages to smooth out the stress and fertility feasts with romance-enhancing elixirs, pumpkin soup and conch, which the locals call "Bahamian Viagra."

"The potions are very good actually," Cindy said. One of them tasted like a smoothie, she added.

Kemry said it was funny to watch the conch being taken out live and cut up right in front of their faces just before they ate it.

And then there was the all important time together, so nature could take its course.

Kemry said he found the environment romantic, and for the Hugheses the vacation was a success. Today Cindy and Kemry have a 9-week-old baby named Kemry III.

"We can honestly say, based upon the doctor's estimate, we conceived that weekend," Kemry said.