Robin Roberts' Final Day of Chemotherapy

GMA anchor shares her last day of chemo, six months after breast cancer.

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February 9, 2009, 3:20 PM

Jan. 16, 2008 — -- Today "Good Morning America" anchor Robin Roberts is celebrating the end of her chemotherapy!

Six months ago Roberts was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then she has continued to host "Good Morning America" while fighting the disease and receiving treatment.

On her last day, Roberts shared a conversation with her doctor and some of her "little rituals" for getting through her "least favorite parts."

"I thought about this day and even knowing I have more ahead of me, you have to appreciate and celebrate the various moments. But this is a milestone. The last day of chemo is a milestone," Roberts said.

Roberts received eight chemotherapy treatments over eight months. She says the actual treatment isn't painful and in fact, you "don't feel a thing."

Robin's oncologist, Ruth Oratz, compares chemotherapy to a fire and Roberts thinks it's appropriate.

"You know when we think about this tumor in the breast that's the fire burning in the fireplace and the fire goes down, goes out when the surgeon removes the tumor. But you know, if you poke around in the bottom of that fireplace, there could be a few little embers in there that could catch up again spark a big flame. We don't want that to happen. So if we dump a whole big bucket of water in that fireplace and put out those last ashes, hopefully we've put out any chance of the fire starting up again and that's what the chemo therapy is," said Oratz.

"I feel abundantly blessed because no two cancer patients are the same and how they deal with chemotherapy," said Roberts.

"It is impossible to predict. We can give the same exact treatment to two women and one breezes through and the other one has more side effects. So we really try to focus on what's happening with each individual woman as she's going through treatment, making adjustments as we go making little adjustments in the recipe and getting you through with as few side effects as possible," said Oratz.

Photo taken by Claudio Musajo

"Have you decided if you'll go back on the air with short hair?" Sawyer joked with her.

"If I look like Halle Berry, I will," Roberts said with a laugh.