Death of a Child: Resources to Help Parents Cope

Resources for parents whose child has died.

May 20, 2010 — -- This morning on "Good Morning America," relationship expert Terry Real discussed John Travolta and Kelly Preston.

The couple is expecting a child, one year after having lost their teenage son, Jett.

Real talked about the myriad feelings bereaved parents can experience, and the possible effects of the child's death upon a couple's relationship.

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The death of a loved one -- particularly of a child -- causes profound and lasting pain. Here are resources for coping with the grief:

Coping With Grief

The Compassionate Friends: A national nonprofit with chapters across the country. The organization offers help and support to parents and families who have lost a child.

The Cope Foundation. Connecting Our Paths Eternally is a national nonprofit foundation dedicated to helping parents and families cope with the loss of a child.

Healing Hearts. A group that provides support and services to bereaved parents., a Web site that offers comprehensive resources for dealing with grief and other serious life challenges.

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