Reality TV Mom on Remarriage: 'No One's Going to Buy Into My Mess'

The reality-television mother whose split from her husband is unfolding in full view of the media said she doesn't want to be alone but questions whether anyone would want to become involved with a woman whose life is so dramatic.

"I would love not to be alone, but no one's going to buy into my mess, so I probably will be, but it's OK," Kate Gosselin of the hit TLC reality program "Jon & Kate Plus 8" said on a special hour of the program last night. "I'll just be working hard anyway."

In the program focused solely on her, Gosselin answered questions about her life that were e-mailed by viewers, including queries about the paparazzi and the hottest new Halloween item: the "Kate" wig.

"My reaction? I laughed my head off," she said. "That was just plain ridiculous."

Feuding Over Money, Children's Future on the Show

While some of the subject matter was lighthearted, the acrimonious feuding over finances and their eight children's future on the show continues between Gosselin and her estranged husband.

Jon Gosselin complied with a court order Monday and returned nearly $200,000 that he had removed from the couple's joint bank account.

In a recent video, he questioned his wife's absence from court, and her use of funds.

Kate Gosselin's lawyer said she supplied the information an arbitrator wanted and did not need to appear in court, The Associated Press reported.

Both Gosselins Seek Attention, Sympathy

Melanie Bromley, the West Coast bureau chief for Us Magazine, told "Good Morning America" that the ongoing battle is affecting the Gosselin children more and more.

"We see more pictures of the children looking upset," Bromley said.

Bromley said she believed Kate Gosselin was answering viewer questions as a way to reconnect with the public.

"It's become more about a public battle for attention and sympathy, and so Jon and Kate are being even more vocal in their campaign to win people over and get them on their side," she said.

Asked whether she ever wanted to be married again, Gosselin said, "Ugh. Really? Seriously? Do you think now is a good time to be asking me that? To be honest, I don't know. I struggle, because I don't want to be married again. Do you blame me?"

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