7 Favorite Apple Recipes for Fall

Did you know that about 2,500 varieties of apples are grown in the United States? As apple season begins, we're excited to start cooking. From Fiji to McIntosh to Gala, apples add subtle sweetness and crunchy texture to any recipe. Here's a roundup of our best apple recipes. Give them a try today.

Apple Pie

There's nothing more American than apple pie. Try these takes on the classic dish and make room in your freezer to enjoy them year-round.


Get out of your comfort zone by adding apples to savory side dishes with sausage or rice.


PHOTO: Apples help add flavor to an everyday side dish.
ABC News

A warm and hearty soup with apples is comfort food at its best. Make some for now and freeze the rest for later.


PHOTO: Dr. Maya Angelou cooks up a delicious roasted chicken for 'Good Morning America.'
ABC News/Food Styling by Karen Pickus

Apples aren't the first ingredient one might add to a main dish, but they add great flavor to a fall meal. Add them to a roast chicken or pork dish for a hint of sweetness.


PHOTO: Turkey apple breakfast sausage, the perfect addition to your daily breakfast.
Donna Svennevik /ABC News; Food Styling by Karen Pickus

Give your breakfast added nutritional value with these recipes. A big warm breakfast is a great start to those chilly fall mornings.


PHOTO: Carla Hall's Apple Compote Napoleon on "Good Morning America."
Lou Rocco/ABC News; Food Styling by Karen Pickus

Apples are a versatile fruit you can use for any sweet dish you might be craving. Serve them up at your next event for a big wow-factor.

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