Rosh Hashanah Recipes for a Sweet New Year

Celebrate the Jewish New Year with these delicious fall dishes. We've highlighted some of the important foods that are a traditional part of a Rosh Hashanah meal. Make these wonderful recipes for your family these week, and have a wonderful new year!


PHOTO: Rachel Willen's honey-orange roasted chicken with fennel is shown here.
Courtesy Rachel Willen

Honey symbolizes a sweet and happy new year. Try this delicious honey-glazed chicken roasted with fennel for an easy-yet-impressive dish.


During Rosh Hashanah, it it typically to eat the head of a fish to symbolize the beginning of the year. Fish also symbolize the hope of an abundant and fertile new year.


On the second night of Rosh Hashanah, a "new fruit" or fruit that has recently come into season is eaten. A blessing is said in thanks for life and abundance.


Apples are blessed and dipped in honey. The sour apple being dipped in the sweet honey signifies the religious trust for a sweet new year.

Braised Meats

The main course of the meal is often centered around a hearty meat dish. These comforting foods symbolize a comforting and pleasant year ahead.

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