We asked the experts for their top 18 gift picks for men this holiday season

What to buy the guys in your life this year, from fashion to health.

Aren't men difficult to shop for?

Don't spend countless hours Googling what to buy your dad, boyfriend, husband, uncle or brother for the holidays. We asked men's fashion and health experts to find the perfect gifts for you to give your loved ones.

Ben Court, deputy editor of Men's Health, Tan France, "Queer Eye" star and American Eagle's stylist at large, and Jonathan Evans, style director at Esquire.com, shared their top gift picks this year.

Tan France's top gift picks

"An unbreakable, chic carry-on that comes in tons of color options with a phone charger? YES," France told "GMA."

"A luxurious robe can make a normal day feel like you're staying at a resort! I live in mine," France shared.

"A great skincare set is important for all men and this one is perfect whether they are new to a skincare routine or a self-care pro," France told "GMA."

""Whoever is on your list this year, get them this limited holiday candle! It smells incredible and looks gorgeous," France told "GMA."

"A classic sneaker that looks cool is a must - these have a low carbon footprint and are machine-washable. No brainer!" France shared.

"It looks great on a coffee table and is filled with hip tips that anyone can use," France told "GMA." He also stars in the show.

"A great pair of jeans with a proper fit is something every man needs in his wardrobe! This is one of my favorite styles," France, who works with American Eagle, shared.

"I love the preppy, cool vibe of this cardigan. It's perfect for any guy on your list," France told "GMA."

Men's Health Deputy Editor Ben Court's top gift picks

"These are amazing in terms of you turn them on and you really don't hear a lot of what's going on around you," Court said.

"A lot of research shows if you do a foam roller or self-massage what you do at the gym can get better results," Court said.

"This new one has a lot of different settings and links with an app," Court said. "Brushing your teeth people may think is onerous, but this makes it a bit more fun and interesting."

"These socks are made using a machine that has a super high needle count," Court said. He also called them very comfortable.

"A great thing to carry at a tailgate or a farmer's market," Court said. "In our test it lasted 48 hours, ice will remain ice in there if you keep it closed."

"I’m not super handy, but it’s so well designed ... when you're using it you feel like you're doing stuff that’s worthwhile," Court said.

Esquire.com's Style Director Jonathan Evans's top gift picks

"It's one of those things you get as a gift and then you go, 'I guess I'll keep buying these,'" Evans said. "It's a small thing, but it's a nice thing."

"They're extremely conformable," Evans said. "They're comfortable enough we talk about how much we like them here at the office."

"A watch that won't destroy your bank account, but looks more expensive than it is," Evans said. "The design is inspired by the aesthetic of the golden age of motor sports racing."

"Most guys would be more than happy to receive a classic brown wallet," Evans said. "It’s classic with a kind of really cool hyper modern twist, because the whole thing is made from a single piece of leather and it has no stitching whatsoever."