The Right Fit: How to find the perfect coat for your body type

Fashion expert Melissa Garcia shows us what coats are best for each body type.

Fall is just around the corner and if you’re looking for a new coat to wear this season but don’t know what style is the best fit for you, you’re in luck!

Fashion expert Melissa Garcia has shared all her tips to finding the perfect coat.

Many coats out there can either weigh you down or are unflattering, but Garcia gives us the inside scoop on what styles look best on different body shapes. Check out our guide below to find the perfect coat for your body type.

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1. Petite Frame

If you're petite, Garcia says that the main struggle can be to find a coat that you wear and doesn't wear you. She says avoid any coats that are too long and have too much volume. Instead, search for a coat that has a belt and find a coat in a solid color or a fun animal print since a coat with volume and embellishments can weigh you down.

2. Pear-shaped frame with wide hips

For someone who has larger hips, thighs and booty but has a smaller waist, an A-Line silhouette is perfect to create an hour-glass shape. Garcia points out that a dramatic collar or hood will draw the eyes up toward your shoulders but balance your lower half.

3. Busty

Women with big busts can sometimes have the issue where coats fit everywhere except that area, making them difficult to close and causing them look larger than they actually are. Garcia says that a coat with a sleek-fitted silhouette in a stretchy material won’t add extra volume and will allow movement of the fabric across the chest. She says to avoid billowy tops with volume and full sleeves.