Are hoop earrings having a full circle moment? Ab-so-lute-ly!

Get in on one of the trendiest jewelry accessory of the year.

When people say "fashion repeats itself," believe them. A perfect example of this is the resurgence of hoop earrings that have been everywhere this year.

In the '80s, hoop earrings were a hit and specific styles such as "doorknocker" earrings were very popular with women of color.

Celebs like Sade and Jennifer Lopez have made hoops a part of some of their most standout looks.

Today, the circular jewelry look is back in new shapes, textures and finishes. There are lots of bold bright fun colors, too!

Hoops earrings are so hot right n-ow and for that reason, many of us want in! Scroll ahead to see a selection of everything from chunky versions to subtle loops. There's something for everyone!

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